War Declared! – WW1 28mm Figure

Work on the Great War project continues and at the moment I reckon I’m about a third of the way there. The only problem is ideas for other models and dioramas keep popping into my head and the project keeps growing. In truth I really haven’t got a clue how many more are in the pipe line. This is partly fuelled by my idea to create a timeline of models, the aim being to reflect the start, the very big middle bit and the end of the war.

So as far as the timeline goes the first model in the sequence is this one. I needed something to kick-start the war in figure terms and although I had other ideas I couldn’t find the figures. Civilian figures are hard to find in 28mm scale (is that a niche in the market?) but then I got lucky and found this newspaper man figure from Black Pyramid Gaming. The figure is one of a four piece set which goes under the name of Jack the Ripper. It’s an excellent figure, well cast and perfect for my needs. Definitely a site I will use again.

The figure itself painted up nicely and I managed to find a Post Box to provide a bit of street furniture. The newspaper images were made from downloaded images of real newspapers scaled down and made into small bundles.

A small contribution but in the sequence of the timeline a crucial one and one that overall I was pleased with. Next in the sequence will be a model reflecting the enlistment programme that was put into place immediately following the announcement of war. I’ve managed to find the figures and all being well I hope to provide a progress update on my next post.

Thanks for looking.





6 thoughts on “War Declared! – WW1 28mm Figure

      1. Haha it’s a bit that way isn’t it? I used to worry about that and think I need a plan and I need to stick to it. Then a light went off and I thought hey it’s not work it’s pleasure it’s a hobby. Do what I want when I want and how I want. It was very liberating haha


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