The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 11)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!

The Power Of The Internet

A few people recently, myself included, have made mention to how much they enjoy being part of our blogging community.  This got me wondering how far my own little blog had reached around the world since I started it just over a year ago.  So without further ado I checked out my statistics, however, before going any further I feel I should point out a couple of things, particularly to those of you who fall within a younger age group.

I did not grow up with computers, such things, if they featured at all, only appeared in the SiFi movies of the day, they certainly were not in the work place.  To give you a further perspective on this, in 1974 when I was but a mere 17 year old office boy in a department of 250 people working in the City of London, I used to have to queue up to use the departmental calculator!  The arrival of computers was simply extraordinary back then and the advancements to where we are today is therefore breathtaking to someone like me.  The nearest I got to a hand held device way back then was holding my willy while having a pee!

So why mention this?  Simply because I am in awe of the power of the internet and how it has made the world a smaller place.  To think that here I am sitting at my desk in a house in a small Devon village in England, typing away on my laptop and at the touch of a button I can publish something which has the potential to be seen all over the world is, to me at least, incredible.  As my mum or dad would say “What will they think of next!”.

As things stand my blog has currently been viewed in 32 countries and across 6 continents.  If someone had said to me a year ago that this would be the case I would never have believed them.  Very minor in the big scheme of things I know but in the world of TIM simply extraordinary.

The May Challenge

I have several things on the go on the moment but also need to allocate time for May’s Neglected Model Challenge.  Having been through my bits box I have a couple of ideas of what I might do.  What did surprise me though was how many figures I had which I would not personally describe as neglected.

I’m not sure it matters a great deal in the scheme of things but I would describe neglected as something I wanted to do but for whatever reason haven’t.   In truth many of the figures I have in my bits box are figures that I never wanted to do in the first place and have no real appetite for doing now either.  So why do I have them?

Unfortunately, and I suspect we are all victims of this, some figures can only be purchased in sets and we don’t always want all of the figures.  A bit like buying pants or socks in sets of four or five, at least one pair is crap.  And so it is with figures.  Not neglected, simply never wanted in the first place.

Other than using them for spare parts the question of course is what to do with them?  Painting practice?  Both are rather sad outcomes for someone who went to the trouble of sculpting them.  Perhaps I’ll try to love them and think of them as neglected after all.

Modelling Memoirs

I had a thought the other day, not an exciting one as you will have gathered from the titlle above.  The truth is I have been feeling more than a little nostalgic of late, an age thing I’m sure, which in turn got me thinking about all sorts of things including my early modelling days.  Not entirely sure what I have to say on the subject but nevertheless I think I will put pen to paper (make that fingers to key board) and see what transpires.  I don’t envisage what I have to say being more than a few posts but we will see.

Clearly this news will have gotten you all excited but you are just going to have to be patient and wait!


Until next time.


17 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 11)

  1. Nice post TIM, and the “handheld device” comment cracked me up. I’m about a decade behind, so I wasn’t born with a computer in hand like kids today. But I still take them for granted. I think the ‘dawn’ for me was back in the 90s when I first started to get on the internet and learned that there were groups of people who also liked some of the niche things I enjoyed. I also was able to meet artists from the RPG books that I poured over in my youth. That blew my mind. Before that, they were just this mysterious name. The global community though, that’s also pretty cool and makes our ‘small world of mini painters’ much bigger.

    I was in a similar boat on May’s Challenge. I know Azazel isn’t a stickler for details, but the minis I want to try and finish this month would be ones that I have been working on all along. So nothing that is really ‘neglected’. Most of my stuff I either haven’t gotten around to prepping and priming, or I have been working on it. Sadly, I’m just slow, so it will be awhile before active projects get completed.

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    1. If you started them months ago and you’re just plodding along with them and you want a kick up the arse to get them finished, feel free to call them “neglected”. Dave Kay is even starting out on *unpainted models* and calling them neglected(!!!!)

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  2. Be it negative or positive before for the internet I would often think “why is it just me”, now I know that in a world of 7 billion people it isn’t. It’s nice to know that you are one of the people I get to share with! On a further positive note I’ve found figures for the May challenge, yippee!

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  3. When I saw your post was titled “the power of the internet” I thought it was going to be all about videos and pictures of cute cats and also pornography. How disappointing!
    Though not quite as …elder? Experienced? Wisened? As your good self, I do remember the computers at high school (there were none when I was in Primary) being a room full of BBC Micros, and there was one mouse for the lot of them, that the teacher in charge kept in his office like a holy relic. I first touched a mouse when I was about 13. Later, the school had an Apple Mac in the special office, where normal people did not have access. While I did myself have a Commodore 64 and later upgraded to an Amiga, I do share your perspective on quietly painting my models here in Melbourne, and hours or even minutes after posting them having people from as far off and exotic places as Devon comment on them.
    It might be worth you posting up some of your early efforts along with some reflection. Flashback Fridays, perchance?

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  4. Sorry to have disappointed you! Older, experienced OK but wisnend?! Well perhaps that’s true too! Not sure Devon is exotic but it is very green. Nice to get into a bit of a nostalgic them here and I love the idea of Flashback Friday. You may have started something here. If nothing else it’s an excuse to get some of the older items out. I’ll mull it all over.

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    1. Well, the way I see it is that almost everywhere you’ve never been can be exotic and interesting, at least for a short time. Especially if it’s on the other side of the globe. I look forward to seeing some of the stuff that you might have that’s never been seen online (properly or at all)…

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  5. Fair point and a good way of looking at it. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot and can’t think of anywhere I’ve been that wasn’t interesting. Well I like the idea of Flashback Friday but hopefully others will engage with it too. I’ll try and kick something off in the next week or two.

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  6. Your also a bit older than me (just rubbing it in) but I remember my dad with one of the first mobiles carrying something like a car battery round to power it! Computers for me started with the spectrum zx and moved on from there.
    Excellent post. Really dredged up some memories.
    Oh and love Devon (and dare I say also the place south of the Taymar). We visit almost every year as have friends in broadhempston.

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  7. Haha the Nokia brick! Glad you enjoyed the post, happy and interesting memories for many of us it seems. I’ve been in Devon for 11 years now, a county we used to visit for holidays for many years when much younger. I miss the London of my childhood but this is the family home now and I wouldn’t move back. As for the age thing, as they say you are only as old as you feel. Trouble is I’m 60 but feel like 65!

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  8. When they introduced computers to my high school in about 1993 ( before the internet had reached us) I remember thinking I have no interest in such things. Now here I am typing this on my iPhone 8. To be honest I have no real interest in technology further than as long as I can do what I need to do with it. I feel I sort of fell through the cracks, fairly voluntarily, where as mates on mine are right into computers and technology in general. The whole blog thing is quite humbling isn’t it. I never thought anyone would be interested in me and my little hobby but here I am, almost three years later, with some lovely blog friends. I love it. I’m not one for joining clubs etc so the blog world is perfect for me. I also love the fact that there are no Dickhead trolls (people who take the piss just for the sake of it). I guess because our blog world is a subject specific. I’ll let you get back to holding your hand held device now pal 😂

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  9. With you all the way on our blog community. My interest in computer tech goes no further then basic user, fortunately I have to speaking user manuals, one aged 21 and one aged 15, to get me by. I think my hand held device is getting on a bit now, I’ve had it all my life after all. I’ve asked the wife if she has any ideas on how to breeth more life into but she’s still trying to sort out her docking station. 🤔


  10. WHOW !mate ,been away ,loved that bit about changes , when I started out in the banking world the computer room took up the whole bloody floor of the building , now you can put in in your hand . Not that I recommend it as here in Australia we are suffering from political f…ck ……………………No dad ,just stick to the subject TIM doesn’t wish to hear old mans griping’s( thnks tech adviser ). Devon , great place ,we went through you neck of the woods on the last trip , beautiful country side , horrible roads , sorry mate in Australia we tend to leave a little space between the roads and Mrs Humphries front door , and we also try to make them straight .Oh no , dad now he will think you are a Bill Bryson impersonator .No matey ,beautiful country ,we loved it , Becky falls was so enchanting , goblins and elf territory to our mob , just another scary little road to get there .Torquay, had to love as that was the land of Basil Fawlty , smaller member liked swimming , even if she froze ,. Zero me in mate to your local area , have no fear ,I WAS WARNED of 40 years ago buy my sister about free loading Aussies over staying their welcome !.SORRY MATE that last bit about your hand held devises and the Misses is tooooo! much and I’m crying again , Tell me mate you really are B.B aren’t you .

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  11. You’re right about the roads in Devon but believe it or not Cornwall is far worse. So much of our road system was built before we even had cars so unlike the US and Oz nothing was put together on a grid system, it’s simply all over the place. I guess it’s part of the charachter. We live in a village called Lamerton, just outside of Tavistock and not very far from the Cornish border. Don’t let the women put you off your ramblings, there good to read! And no I’m not BB but I have read some of his books including his one in Australia which I read before making my only visit there in 2002.


  12. Just checked the records mate ,and you are right about the roads in Cornwall ,they are worse ,got a bit confused with where the border was . I was chatting with my brother in law ,he was travelling around the UK at the same time and we got onto the subject of driving and we both agreed that our driving skills have diminished somewhat as we passed the 60 mark, which makes me wonder how I will cope this time .On the last trip I was like Frank Spencer ,hurtling around leaving chaos and Anakie behind me ,what with the Nav lady telling where to go and directions from who ever was occupying the front seat it was bedlam at times ,we are not big on roundabouts here yet ,but they are coming . I have to take my hat of to your fellow country men and women they were so polite and forgiving . The worse reaction , I received after nearly forcing a poor woman into the verge was a shake of the head from the disbelieving husband ,I bet he is still relating the tale . This time I will put a sign in the window Simple Aussie please forgive me ! . It must be really great having Dartmoor forest as you back yard ,I’m very envious ,the B.B book I’m reading is ‘The road to little Dribbling’ , so funny and so full of information . The wife’s docking station ,I’m still giggling mate !.

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    1. Haha love the story on your driving last time over here. I don’t want to put you off but it won’t surprise you to learn things are worse on our roads not better. The trouble is so much was built well before the population and number of cars we have now. Can be a nightmare at times even in the remote spots. Traveling in Sepetember will help as the kids will be back at school. Avoid London and the M25 at all costs is my advice. I read Little Dribbling a long time ago but I remember it was very funny. I have the book so I think I’ll have to read it again. I assume the 60 mark refers to your age, if it’s speed which is how I first read it then I’d suggest driving no faster than 55!

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  13. I enjoyed the blog and the comments above just crack me up. I’m also one to check my stats as I just posted my 100th posting. It is interesting to see what others are doing in far-flung lands, and to be the subject of interest by folks in those lands is also a blast.

    Regarding the computer comments, it’s a similar situation to TV for us. Of course, we started out with black and white and reception issues. With the internet there is the opportunity to connect, and the risk of the hacking of course. I’m still amazed that I have been able to adapt from college FORTRAN classes in 1980 to using stuff today that is so complex but so simple. Certainly I use PowerPoint like many to create hobby stuff.

    Great post!

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    1. Cheers Mark. I find it fun looking back. It’s only when you do that you realise how far you’ve come. For something’s and for some of us that’s quite a journey! Congratulations on your 100th posting, some going with many more interesting ones to follow I’m sure.

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