The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 20)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!

A Couple of Requests 

This wasn’t my original starting point for this weeks Musings but I received a couple of requests to do something and decided I’d do so here rather than as part of a separate post.

First up is a reply to Faust at Double Down Dice and his recent tool tips article.

I found the article an interesting one.  However much we like the actual doing side of things there is no getting away from the practical side of the hobby like storage and organisation.  In response I mentioned that I used business card plastic boxes bought cheaply on EBay or Amazon and he asked if I could include a couple of photos so here you are!


Second up, Azazel in response to my Plymouth Model Show write-up Musings No: 19, asked if I could post details of the models I’d entered in the show.

Not wishing to let the great man down details appear below.



Further details on “Afternoon Tea” can be found via this link –

Further details on “Fantasy Island” can be found via this link –

She Who Must Be Obeyed

Those of you who follow this blog will be aware by now that when I refer to She Who Must Be Obeyed I am in fact referring to my good lady wife of 36 years, 39 years if you include the best 3 which took place before I committed to marriage.  I jest!  The thing is I realised the other day that SWMBO plays a significant role in my being able to spend time painting and modelling.

Just recently we were discussing how my son has women doing everything for him.  Now this has nothing to do with his medical condition, he is more than capable of doing things for himself, he just doesn’t have to do so.  His mum runs around after him, so does his girlfriend and her mother and the women he works with do the same.  I pointed this out to SWMBO who informed me that I was just the same.  I huffed and puffed and protested that she couldn’t be more wrong.

A few minutes later, the conversation having moved on she asked me “Would you like a cup of tea?”. I replied “I’d love one, just give me a minute to clean my brush and I’ll put the kettle on” to which she replied “No your OK I’ll do it, you carry on with your modelling”.

As she went off to the kitchen I thought to myself, she’s right the women in my life do run around after me too.  Then again she could be using it as an opportunity to slowly poison me!

“My Hero!”

A couple of weeks ago in Mid Week Musings No: 18 I mentioned the idea of occasionally posting details on a hero of mine, for example this could be a real person or perhaps a book character.  A couple of people made reference to the interpretation of the word “hero” so I checked out an online definition and came up with:-

A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities

The chief male character in a book, play, or film, who is typically identified with good qualities, and with whom the reader is expected to sympathize.

(In mythology and folklore) a person of superhuman qualities and often semi-divine origin, in particular one whose exploits were the subject of ancient Greek myths.

So, against those definitions my number one hero fits very nicely into the first examples and he is …

George Mallory (1886  – 1924)

I would like to say that George Mallory was a childhood hero of mine but he wasn’t.  In fact I only came across him in 2009  when I read a book entitled “Paths of Glory” by Jeffrey Archer which was based on his life story.  The book captivated me from the off.  Quite why I had never heard of him until this point is a mystery to me.  So taken was I with him that I wanted to read more.  I bought several books about him, the most definitive account being “Into the Silence” by Wade Davis.

So who was Mallory?

Mallory from a very young age made a name for himself as a climber and was soon recognised as England’s best.  He married, had children and served his country during the Great War where he fought at the Somme.  An ordinary man who belonged to an incredible era, a period in history where the Union Jack flew over a quarter of the world’s surface and Great Britain ruled the waves.  The British Empire in its heyday.  The quest for people, supported by their countries, to conquer the unconquered and to map the unknown, was never greater.  Mallory’s desire was to be the first man to reach the peak of the world’s highest mountain, Everest.

Funded by The National Geographic his first expedition in 1921 ended in failure.  However, on the positive side a route to the summit had been identified and in 1924 a second expedition took place.  Mallory, along with Scot Sandy Irvine, went hard for the summit and were last seen within 245 metres of the top.  They were never seen again.

The question, which to this day remains unanswered is, did they reach the summit?

In 1999 Mallory’s body was found but to date, despite more recent attempts to do so, Irvine’ s body remains lost.  Finding Irvine’s body is considered to hold the key to the unanswered question.  It was Irvine who had the camera which would have been used to take pictures at the summit.  Kodak believe any film may well have been preserved due to the freezing temperatures and therefore if found it might well be possible to develop any images.  Only time will tell.

There is so much more to Mallory and this story.  If you want to know more then I cannot recommend more highly either of the two books I have mentioned.

So why is this guy my number one hero?  Well there are a few reasons.

The historical period alone is fascinating as are many of the other adventurers of the day.  The story itself is a true Ripping Yarn in every sense.  Then there is Mallory himself.  Tall, dark and handsome.  A soldier who served queen and country, survived the Somme and who was simply the best climber of his generation.  Having confronted the war and seen death on a grand scale the risk of dieing held no fear, the guy was by all accounts driven and fearless.  The endearing mystery of “did they didn’t they?” holds an element of romance to the point where do we even want to know if they made it or not?  There is also the incredible fact that if they did manage to reach the peak then they did so almost 30 years before Hillary.

Notwithstanding the above there is one other reason why I love this man.  Remember the years are 1921 and 1924.  Climbing gear in those days amounted to little more than hob nailed boots, a wooly jumper, a hat and a scarf.  When Mallory and his expedition set off it was to them little more than a jolly good walk!

We now live in a world where everything is exaggerated, people are called heroes for the least little thing (there are real heroes too of course).  I wonder what the world would have made of Mallory today?

To me the man was amazing and he is my number one hero.  An ordinary guy doing extraordinary things.  Put simply he just got on with things and possessed a can do attitude which I can only envy.

So far I have been unable to find what I think would be a suitable figure to model.  Perhaps one day one will turn up much like Mallory himself did back in 1999!

If anyone has any ideas on a figure(s) I’d love to know.


Until next time.



34 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 20)

  1. Thanks for posting pics of those TIM. Something I would certainly pick up.

    Heroes. As mentioned, once we get to know the real person, sometimes they aren’t what we think they were. I’ve never met Steve Ditko, who recently passed away. But his art and talent was quite inspiring to me. Also his work ethic. He did not want people to fuss over his work and adore it. Which is very weird to us in this media-attention-grabbing age.

    My real life hero is my Mom though. I felt like I struggled to make it on my own as a single guy, let alone raise two boys by herself. Now as a parent raising a teen, who is much more behaved than we ever were, (plus the crazy toddler), I wonder even more how she did it. The thing is, I also know my Mom. And I know she’s not perfect and we don’t agree on everything, but she has always been my hero.

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    1. Nothing wrong with a mum, dad or sibling being a hero. Mine all are too me, in fact today is my mum’s 87th birthday and I’m off to take her and my nearly 92 year old dad out for the day. It’s only when you get older, perhaps have kids of your own, that you really start to understand them. That’s been the way for me.

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      1. I started understanding her even more, after I moved out of the house. At that point it was kind of like “Ohhhh, that’s what parents are talking about…”!

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  2. Great read mate – like Savage, I’m really surprised that Fantasy Island only placed 3rd!! It would be great to do a diorama of Mallory & Irvine… I can’t think of any suitable models for that, but you could always try to get minis that are close, and try your hand at sculpting to add the necessary detail?

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  3. Sooooo my friend. Here’s what you do…



    If you can’t find what you want MAKE it!!

    In the GW range as well as many, many other third party miniature companies you will find all the bits and bobs to make your hero come to life. From ropes, grappling hooks and beanie and bearded heads to tents, pick axes and backpacks.

    Give it a go mate. I reckon you might just enjoy it.

    See this link and the first single miniature has a bit of a mountaineering look to him

    I have three hero’s

    1. My Dad (the real one, not TIM)
    2. My Grandad (mums side)
    3. My best mate, more like a brother, Warren.

    Of course I call other people hero’s too but they are my REAL hero’s.

    That bit about your wife I reckon you put in because she might read this blog post haha.

    Hiiiii SWMBO I’m your other son. The one that lives in Australia.

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    1. The conversion route is looking very much like the only way forward. I’ll check out photos in the Wade Davis book to see what inspiration I can get from that as that may get me started. Certainly something I’d like to do. Nothing wrong with your hero list mate. Family and friends top most people’s list, mine included but a model of my dad repairing a heating and ventilating unit ain’t gonna happen whereas Mallory might! The reference to SWMBO was deliberate. If anything happens to me the police will go through my online history and be able to finger her (probably the wrong phrase!) for the crime. She says hi by the way.

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      1. My brain just went ballistic for a few moments when I read the finger thing and thought do I or don’t I make an inappropriate joke?? I’m glad you took the reins on that one for me instead. I think a little vignette if your dad would be quite endearing.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. An unfortunate turn of phrase, in your position I would have faced the same dilemma. As for an endearing vignette of my dad it ain’t going to happen but hopefully in the years ahead of him he’ll do something spectacular that will inspire me, a sky dive perhaps! (You’d need to know my dad to know how unlikely that is!)

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      3. My Dad is the reason I became addicted to tattoos. He has one small swallow on his hand and I was obsessed with it as a kid. He always said he regretted it and warned me against tattoos. I now have 31 tattoos. So this Dad of mine who never liked tattoos including his own suddenly says he wants to get a tattoo of a green shark on his back. What the actual shit?? My point is, you never know what Dads might do hehe.

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      4. Yep, they can be full of surprises that’s for sure. I suspect our kids will say that about us too if they arent already. Mine are at that age where essentially I’m an embarasment, until they want money that is!

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  4. Great post again and great dioramas. I like your material storage, they will take up a whole lot less space than my circular tubs. Regarding a hero…. it’s a bit of a tricky one. As a man I admire for what he did, would be Arthur Godfrey Peuchen. Name may not mean a lot to many. He was a first class passenger on the Titanic, one of the survivors. As the ship was sinking, number 6 lifeboat got stuck. Six feet out and twelve feet down. Captain Smith asked If anyone were able to help release the knot jamming the boat. Peuchen, a pleasure sailor, stepped forwards. He successfully made the leap to the rope and climbed down it. He released the knot and then fell. Thankfully he hit the boat and not the sea. As he felll his wallet was lost over the side.
    As you can imagine an officer and a gentleman surviving such a disaster did not go down too well in polite society. He was criticised for not returning to collect survivors, even though as a passenger he was not in command of the lifeboat, he was helping row along with the famous Mrs Brown. In some quarters he was classed as a coward and accused of making things up. Scroll the dial of time forward to 1987. Peuchen’s wallet was recovered from the bottom of the sea. It would seem at least some of his story were true.

    During WW1 he commanded the home battalion of the Queen’s Own Rifles. Sadly escaping both the sinking and then WW1 meant his social standing dipped even further. He died in 1929 aged 71

    His efforts potentially saved the lives of Lifeboat number six. Is he a hero? It depends on your viewpoint I suppose. He risked his life to save others. In the back of his mind he may have believed in saving them he would save himself. He did however state that it was only when he was in the water that he realised the ship was in a worse state than they been told. Well she was unsinkable.

    So Arthur Godfrey Peuchen I salute you.👏👏👏👏

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    1. Never heard of this guy but he sounds very interesting. The Titanic and the people associated with it is one of those facinating stories and historic periods. Have made a note of his name and will aim to check him out in more detail. Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed the post.

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  5. You know what’s coming now! You’ve walked into this one! Mallory! Everest! Your last, best hope to use up that tanker full of model snow sitting parked next to your house!
    P.S. Oh, and a great post by the way! Yep, that elf diorama should have been first!

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  6. I’m not even going to comment on the two naughty IMPS and their course discussion on you know what ! Smutty schoolboys as mum would say ,just ignore them !. Right Dave the Mallory theme is so you as the young say now ,I remember seeing the first photos of his body in the papers back then and I still find them haunting ,quite an amazing story and thanks for filling us in on his history ,very interesting .
    If anyone can do a scene on this one you can ,but just don’t rush it ,like you say you have to find the right figures ,and as the young WOOFER says be in the zone . I personally take that as having a pint or two but maybe I’m old fashion !.

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    1. As you say Pat, one not to be rushed. I’m sure something will crop eventually that will enable me to do something, just need to be patient which is pretty much the nature of the hobby. One day they’ll find Irvine and it will be interesting to see if the mystery is solved. Personally I’d like to think they did it but many experts think they didn’t, if they are right then I’d rather not know.

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