Knuckleduster Minatures (No: 1)

As much as I have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, all historic and futuristic modelling genres my heart always returns to the Old West.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this was the relevant genre of my youth.  It captivated me as a kid and continues to do so.  I’m sure those of you brought up on a diet of Star Wars, for example, feel much the same way about Luke Skywalker et al.

There are numerous Wild West figures available from a great many manufactures and, as is typical within the hobby, the quality varies.  Trial and error continues to be ongoing but Artizan Miniatures and Dixon Miniatures I have found to be among the best for 28mm figures whilst Andrea, Romeo Models and Pegaso Models are my go to manufactures for 54mm.  Although I had discovered Knuckleduster as a potential supplier for the larger 28mm sized figures I had been unable to locate, until recently that is, a UK distributor.

Upon emailing Knuckleduster I was advised The Caliver Books (yes I thought it was just a book shop too) stocked the entire range.  A visit to the website confirmed this to be true so I placed my first order.  The figures arrived literally the next day (free postage if you spend over £20.00 was an added bonus and easily achieved) and were to my mind simply superb.  I have since made several other orders and fallen in love by email with Clare who works there and simply can’t do enough to keep me happy.  My kind of girl but I’m resisting the urge to meet her on the basis that one of us (probably both) is going to be disappointed!

The good news for me is the Knuckleduster range is extensive and continues to expand.  The bad news for you is the Knuckleduster range is extensive and continues to expand.  I feel sure you have now grasped the idea that for quite some time you are going to see plenty of cowboys.  Whilst this is true I shall for my sanity as well as yours try to mix things up a bit throughout the modelling year.

At some point in the future and as the Knuckleduster range expands I anticipate creating a large western themed diorama for the perspex case I purchased at last years Telford show.  Until that happens I’m focused on simply painting the figures and basing them with the aim of eventually collecting them all.  As there are well over a hundred in the Gunfighters Ball range I’m going to be kept nicely occupied for quite some time.

I thought I’d kick off my first Knuckleduster post with a couple of iconic fictional figures from the 1953 movie Shane.  First up we have GBF55 – Gun For Hire, a sculpture based on the character “Jack Wilson” played by Jack Palance.  In the movie Wilson is a hired gunfighter tasked with helping to railroad the homesteaders to get them to vacate their land.  Unfortunately for Wilson he comes up against Shane and meets his end in a shootout which takes place inside Grafton’s, the towns saloon and store.

The second figure is GBF61 – Shawn.  Clearly modelled on Shane but presumably the name change is aimed and getting around copyright.

Pictures below.



21 thoughts on “Knuckleduster Minatures (No: 1)

  1. Great mate ! I’m glad you are into the wild west ,I loved the old movies but I have never thought to do a dio about them ,probably the lack of good figures in 1/72 is one reason . You tell us you like to listen to music so maybe you look up a guy from your neck of the woods ,sorry Scotland ,named Eric Bogle( now an Aussie ) and when you are painting your cowboys you can listen to his song “Roy Rodgers “.

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  2. Lovely work. I especially like the pinstripe shirt. Very steady hand mate. Shane/Shawn is an awesome sculpt. I have so much on my plate but I dare say I will eventually make some purchases from knuckleduster, what a great name for a company.

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  3. Wow, not sure what it is with your western figures, but they come out looking splendid. That freehand striping is amazing. Any particular tricks you employ, I’m guessing it’s all blood and tears!

    Oh, I looked up Clare on the internet for you:

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