Azazel March Challenge (Part 2)

The monthly challenge for March as set by Azazel was twofold, a squad and/or something gender ambiguous.  Having posted my contribution for “Gender Ambiguous” last week this week sees my submission for a “Squad”.

As a non gamer I have applied my own interpretation and thus have gone with Wyatt Earp, his brothers Virgil and Morgan and of course Doc Holliday.  All the figures are Knuckleduster 28mm heroic scale and have been modelled on the characters portrayed in the film Tombstone starring Kurt Russell as Wyatt and Val Kilmer as Doc.  Simply lovely figures to paint!

Individual figure images below along with a group shot at the end.



DSC_0028 (2)DSC_0029 (2)


24 thoughts on “Azazel March Challenge (Part 2)

  1. Beautiful work, TIM. Black can be a right bitch to paint but you’ve pulled it off really nicely with subtle highlights and tonal differences between the different textures and clothing items. Great stuff!

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