Dad’s Army – Part 1 (28mm Figures)

It must be getting on for more than a year now that I bought the complete set of Dad’s Army figures from Warlord Games.  The figures can be purchased indivdually or in to halves plus there is a bolt on.  In the complete set you get 18 figures, 8 representing the 8 main characters in military uniform, the same 8 characters in civilian attire and a bolt on comprising of the Vicker and the Verger, two lesser lights in the series.

I occurs to me at this point that overseas readers of this blog might not be familiar with Dad’s Army.  Without going into a lot of detail it was a light hearted TV series based around the trials and tribulations of a fictional home guard unit based in Warmington Upon Sea during WW2.  The TV series was extremely popular and is still repeated on TV to this day.  If you want to know more a quick Google search will tell you all you want to know and I am sure YouTube will have classic clips you can watch as well.

As it is now the summer in the UK, and as things currently stand we seem to be  having one this year, then I am up to my eyes with all manner of outside jobs and things to do which divert me from my hobby.  Fortunatley it is not too difficult to find the time to work on a few figures but anything bigger such as my Old West diorama has pretty much had to take a back seat for now.  I will return to the project when the weather changes, my holiday which is almost upon us is over and the jobs list has been greatly reduced.

So, with all that in mind I decided to dedicate myself to my Dad’s Army project.  I thought I would begin with the 8 main figures in military unform and so far have managed to get two of them done.

The keen eyed amongst you will notice the use of cotton reel bases once again.  Unfortunately I only have 16 to use so need to acquire two more before I can complete the entire set.  EBay is a possibility but so too is nicking some from She Who Must Be Obeyed’s sewing box!

Hopefully by the time I have got this little lot painted up I will be able to claim them either as neglected models or as a unit or something which will meet an Azazel monthly challenge.

First up we have Captain Mainwaring.  The Warlord Games flyer which came with the figures describes him thus –

“Captain Mainwaring is the prim and respectable local Bank Manager.  He is proud of his standing in the community, even if he is less keen for folks to know about his humble background.  His constant strutting and pomposity belies a leader whose loyalty to his men and country are equally boundless”.

Sorry for the rather dark photos.


The second figure is Sergeant Wilson, described in the flyer as –

“Socially superior, public-school educated and urbane, Wilson is none the less a diffident character who finds himself working under Mr Mainwaring the bank manager by day, and serving as his platoon Sergeant as part of the Home Guard”.


Hopefully by next week I will have a couple more done.


20 thoughts on “Dad’s Army – Part 1 (28mm Figures)

  1. Nice work. I’m aware of the show, and it’s been on TV here, but I’ve never watched/paid attention to it. The figures look great, all the same. Did you get the civvy versions as well?
    Warlord are also now doing M*A*S*H figures as part of their expansion into the Korean War…

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    1. Yes I bought the civvies and the bolt on too as part of the big box set. Will move on to the civilian version once I have got the uniform lot done. Will base them much the same but woukd like to present them in some way as a final group but haven’t decided how to do that yet. Although not to the same scale you can get a couple of Corgi vehicles so I might think about incorporating them in some way if I can find them to buy on ebay.

      Made a note of the MASH figures when I got a recent Warlord news letter. Added them to my ever growing list. So many ideas not enough time!

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  2. Oh these are excellent! I think I’m going to enjoy this series of models a lot. So many fond memories of watching Dad’s Army when I was a kid 🙂
    “What is your name?”
    “Don’t tell him Pike!”
    Still cracks me up every time.

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  3. Aww man these are fantastic and I can’t wait for more. I watched the series the first time when I was little and didn’t like it because I was expecting the Dirty Dozen hehe. Then I tried again when I was in my early twenties and loved it but only saw a handful of episodes. It’s a series I think I need to get my hands on. You’ve done so well with them mate and have really brought their characters to life. Did you know that Private Fraser and Private Godfrey served in WW1 and both sustained injuries that sent them home.

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    1. Cheers IRO, glad you like them, not least of all becasue I have 16 more to do. They are fun though. Interesting fact about Fraser and Godfrey, not something I knew at all. Think I shall get the boxed set and have have a good old binge!

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  4. Nice choice mate ,top show though I feel I have seen the series far too many times as all I seem to say nowadays when some one stuffs up is “you stupid boy !” loved all the characters Jonesy was a hoot and could not love old Godfrey .Interesting what IRO said about him and Fraser serving in WWI ,didn’t know that .
    Looking forward to seeing them altogether ,but make sure you take in the fine weather first ,and I would stay away from SWMBO ‘s sewing ,if she is like my old girl they can be pretty nasty if one trespasses in this area ,I have felt the wrath a couple of times when I’ve been caught looking for cotton for my dios !

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    1. Yes it was a fun series and one I enjoyed, might have to get the boxed set at some point and have a binge. Like you I didn’t know about IRO’s comment either. An interesting little fact. As for SWMBO I might take your advice on that one, could be mission impossible!

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  5. Brilliant – love the program anyway, but I always enjoyed the class tension between these two… You’ll have to do a few U-Boat crew too mate – they don’t like it up ‘em you know!

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    1. Classic comedy for the era and so well written. It’s not often that you get so many memorable character’s each with there own catch phrase. So much scope for these figures. Will go with the set in this presentation form first but may well look at a diorama at some point. I can picture a butchers shop already!

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  6. Really like these – so much character and I was unfamiliar with the series except that my good friend Buck Surdu painted some of these last year for Azazel’s challenge: If you have not had a chance to check Buck out, he’s brilliant.

    I am always amazed at the feelings your stuff truly evokes in me, and I can’t get enough. Glad to know your stash of unpainted stuff and ideas continues undiminished. May SWMBO continue her sewing at a faster rate, so as to provide more reels.

    I would love to see you convert a suitably-sized shell casing as a base for something like these!

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