TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 19)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


TIM’s Mid Week Miniature

This week we have a Christian Priest from Gripping Beast.  I don’t typically do a lot of SAGA based figures so this represented a nice little change and I may well do a few more in due course.

DSC_0596 (1)DSC_0597 (1)DSC_0598 (1)DSC_0599 (1)


New Paints – Experiment No: 1 – Metalic Medium

Now don’t get to excited by the title.  Firstly what is new to me will I suspect not be new to you.  Secondly this is a mini series of only three experiments and my first impressions, therefore a brief review if you like.

A quick introduction.

I needed to replace a couple of paints so I went online and deposited the relevant items into my shopping basket only for the invoice cost to be doubled due to the cost of postage.  With free postage if you spent over £20.00 I decided to do some more shopping and found myself buying Vallejo Metalic Medium, Vallejo Crackle Medium and a couple of Citadel Texture paints.

So, Metalic Medium.  Simple to use, just a 50/50 mix of the medium and whatever acrylic paint you want to turn metalic.  The only thing to note is the original colour is diluted by the medium and so the end result will be a lighter colour.

How did I rate it?  Pointless to be honest.  Firstly, I could have achieved the same result by mixing a colour 50/50 with the metalic silver I already had.  Secondly, I consider it to be inferior to my preferred method of making metalics which is – Humbro or Revel silver enamel mixed with whatever other colour enamel or oil paint you chose and thinned with a little white spirit if the mix is to thick.  It’s all about personal opinion but this mix I find produces a far better metalic finish.

Try to contain your excitement for next week when I will deliver my verdict on Crackle Paint!


Matrimonial Top Tips 

Time spent alone modelling often provides time for personal reflection.  Today I found myself mulling over the nearly 40 years of my life spent with  She Who Must Be Obeyed.   Now I am no expert when it comes to marriage but I do feel qualified to pass on a couple of pieces of advice to those of you with less matrimonial experience.

Top Tip No:1

If your wife says “Do what you want” do not under any circumstances do what you want.  Stand still.  Do not blink.  Do not even breathe.  Play dead.

Top Tip No: 2

No man has ever won a game of “Do you notice anything different about me?”.  Never ever play this game.  Feign a heart attack.


This week TIM has been listening to …

Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Well when I say listening I also mean watching too as this is the full length official video which was ground breaking at the time and has been seen over 618 million times.  Stunning in its day but still OK now.  Even Michael himself looks normal!  I’m contemplating doing a zombie based model.  No idea what to do yet but thought this was a good place start some research.


This week TIM has been watching …

“Shaun of the Dead” starring Simon Pegg.

Image result for shaun of the dead

Sticking with the Zombie genre and the need for further research this was an obvious source.  A classic and one of my all time favorites!


Until next time.




15 thoughts on “TIM’s Miniatures & Musings (No: 19)

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your tips. It’s like her saying “do I look fat in these clothes”. It’s a trap. Answer no too quickly and you are accused of ‘just saying that’, too slow and you ‘obviously’ think she does. I’ve found the best way is to answer without looking (while she knows you aren’t). At least then you only get a “you’re not even looking properly”. It’s about the safest option.

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  2. Nice work on that Priest mate, and interesting that Thriller has you pondering zombies… GW did a very rare mini of ‘Mikael Jacsen’ back in the day… expect to pay three figures to get hold of an original today!

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  3. Well mate you and Back boy have cracked me up !! number one tip is soo true ! now on to the figure mate ,well done and I like the last photo ,you really got all the angles right on this one mate ,it is nearly as good as the garden rock you used with the light house guy one !

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  4. Nice figure! For some reason I got an e-mail link to this post on Monday to find it wasn’t there and never got anything later in the week! Or I did and just deleted it without realising! Either that, or the parallel universes are crossing over a bit too often again! 🙂

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    1. For some reason I had a problem with this weeks post, touched a wrong button somewhere along the line. Thought I had corrected it but then again perhaps not. Put that one down to me but don’t let that put you off having fun in your parallel universe! 😉

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