The Temptress – A 28mm Diorama (October Challenge)

I needed a change from painting Dad’s Army figures (I reckon you all did too!) even though there is only one more post to go.  I knew I would rush it so I decided instead to take a short break to do something else.  Besides I also needed to complete something for the October Challenge.

For October Orc’s were never going to be an option with the time available to me even if I had wanted to go down that route.  Completing a neglected model on the other hand left me in with a realistic shout.

So what we have here is a model I am calling the Temptress.  Both the guard figure and female temptress were painted months ago and sat on the side far a part from each other as I had no idea quite what to do with them.  At the point where I had given up on ever having an idea and was about to settle for simply basing them it occurred to me for the first time that they looked quite good together!  After that it was reasonably easy to come up with an acceptable setting and the rest as they say is history.

The “Temptress” goes by the name of “Lenore” and is a figure produced by Hasslefree Miniatures.  The guard is a figure from Other World Miniatures.  The base comprises of an MDF window and frame with cat litter and slate chippings for the ground and masonry work.

The images below look dreadful on my laptop but acceptable on my phone and tablet.  Quite why that is I am not entirely sure although my laptop, a self winding one, could be showing its age!







14 thoughts on “The Temptress – A 28mm Diorama (October Challenge)

  1. A change of pace is always refreshing! This was helpful idea-wise as I will (hopefully) be working on a painting project for a Halloween challenge at my local hobby store and I was looking for ideas on making vertical structures. Slate chips sounds good as an option. Really like Lenore’s boots, but who wouldn’t? The dude looks suitably tempted/confused/am I in trouble yet – perfectly done. Did you make the window?

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    1. Thanks Mark, glad you like it, the boots certainly draw the viewer in! 😉 The arched window was a spare I had from making the Wizard Library. An mdf purchase from ebay and well worth the money. Very cheap and far better than anything I could have made.

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  2. Yeah ,I was wondering what she has said to Him as to me he looks a little stunned ! Well painted mate and thanks for the idea of using cat litter I’ll check it out for the use on my next fantasy dio as slate would be thin on the ground around here .

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