Dad’s Army – Part 9 – Final (28mm Figures)

Welcome to the final installment of my Dad’s Army posts.  Nothing really to say that hasn’t been said already.  What we have here is the two final characters, the Vicar and the Verger.  Nicely cast figures and equally nice to paint.  Images of them both below along with a couple of group shots of the whole set.

With these complete I am reminded of the words of Monty Python “… and now for something completely different”.  Not entirely sure what that will be but I can safely say it wont be anything to do with WW2!


DSC_0584 (3)DSC_0585 (3)DSC_0336DSC_0586 (2)DSC_0587 (2)

23 thoughts on “Dad’s Army – Part 9 – Final (28mm Figures)

    1. Overall I am pleased with them John but glad to now be able to move on. My club are toying with the idea of making the theme for next years show “1940”. As luck would have it that was the year the LDV were formed so that’s me done!

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  1. A truly great show Dave ,and I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as we have ,and yeah mate I’m sure a change of theme is good for the soul and look forward to the surprise you have install for us !

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  2. This “squad” looks great together! I’m not familiar with the show but it looks so cool seeing them all together on their display bases. I’m reading about WWII at the moment so I figured it as good of a time as any to see what you’ve made from the period 🙂

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    1. Dad’s Army is a very old sitcom now but it was fun in its day and the figures are simply a homage to that period. WW2 historically is an amazing period which does facinate me but when it comes to models it is not one I am to fixated on. Two reasons. One being it is what so many people are into and it can become a little boring I find and two, there is only so much khaki I want to paint! The reason I have done the models I have is because of my model club. Every year they put on a show, the biggest in the South West, but so many of the club members are ex military it always has a WW2 theme so I’m stuck having to do something for that. Still it makes for a nice change.

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      1. Ahh… I can see where that could get a bit old. I’ve lived for 34 years and never had any interest in WW2 so I’m quite surprised to be reading and wanting to learn more about it now. It is somewhat odd here for someone to be a fan of history and not be more interested in WW2 in the US. I tend to think we look back on it too fondly and think of it in terms that are too black and white which miss how devastating and cruel the war was for so many people. So I can relate in a strange way to what you’re saying! I can also relate to the khaki! How people build huge WW2 armies for gaming, is beyond me! 🙂

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