Tom Goldentome – A 28mm Reaper Figure

In Wednesdays’s post I made reference to a bronze medal I won at Telford for a figure I had yet to post on my blog as I only just got it done in time for the show.  To put matters right here is the figure along with a couple of photos.

The figure is a 28mm Reaper Dark Legends wizard that goes by the name of Tom Goldentome.  A reasonable amount of freehand on this one which is why I thought I would stick my neck out and enter it in the “Fantasy Figure Under 60mm” category.  Not much else to say other than it was painted entirely in acrylics



21 thoughts on “Tom Goldentome – A 28mm Reaper Figure

  1. Those flames are excellent, not an easy thing to paint by any means but you’ve done a great job. Definitely deserving of that medal. Didn’t spot the dragon in the first picture and couldn’t work out why he had a tail in the second one! 😀

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