“Vermina” – 28mm Reaper Miniature

My next Steampunk offering.  Another figure from Reaper which goes by the name of “Vermina” on account of the fact that she likes vermin and rats in particular.  I really loved painting this figure.  So much detail and no paint colour restrictions.

Managed to find some rather nice victorian style lamps on Ebay which befitted the period and provide a little more interest in the base.  With hindsite I ought to have done a lighter colour on the base so that the rats at her feet stand out better although the photos do make it a little darker than it actually appears up close and personal.  Something to revist at some point perhaps.

Images below.


DSC_0611DSC_0613 (1)DSC_0617DSC_0612 (1)DSC_0614DSC_0616DSC_0618DSC_0615

19 thoughts on ““Vermina” – 28mm Reaper Miniature

  1. Oh mate I am so impressed ,great figure and brilliantly painted, and no, the base is great as I feel you have to let people discover the little things for themselves ,you really have started 2020 with a ripper, and top marks on the lamppost !

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