Andre Durand, Time Chaser – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 1)

Now I did warn you in a previous post that it would not always be possible to churn out a completed model every week and that a Work In Progress post would be required from time to time and so it has proved.  Next week I hope to post images of the completed model but for this week this is all I have to offer by way of progress.

The completed model will comprise of a single figure, in this case a Reaper figure which goes by the name of Andre Durand, Time Chaser.  The figure has been primed and work on the face has begun.  I always start with the face first because for me it is the most crucial part of any figure.  Get the face right and all being well the rest follows.  More to do but so far so good.


Now given that good old Andre is billed as a time chaser I figured he needed some form of transport.  At this point I should point out that I am working outside of my comfort zone.  Scratch built Steampunk machines couldn’t be further away from anything I have done in the past.  How to go about it?

A trip into the garage and a rummage through my bit drawers produced a few interesting finds.  The obvious question at this point is “why have you been hording this shit TIM?”  You might well ask.  Personally I am laying the blame squarely on the shoulders of She Who Must Be Obeyed.  Is that fair?  Yep.

After some experimentation the build begun to take shape.  Holes were drilled to insert pin heads.  If there is one thing I know about Steampunk the machines have rivets, lots or rivets.  Will it look decent once it has been painted up?  Good question but hopefully next week we will know the answer one way or another.

Some build progress images below.










21 thoughts on “Andre Durand, Time Chaser – 28mm Reaper Chronoscope (Part 1)

  1. Ah, I see you’re more of a “paint one area to completion then move on to the next” kind of guy. I lean more towards a basecoat everything – shade everything – highlight everything process, it’s always interesting to see how and why people do things differently. Loving the look of that time machine, good job SWMBO made you hang on to all that stuff! 😉

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    1. It is interesting to see how people approach things differently. It is one reason why I rarely if at all talk about painting techniques, just far to many ways of doing things. As for SWMBO she does have her uses even of they are few and far between! 😉

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  2. Man, what a great idea for rivets. Will be stealing that idea my friend! Love the WIP stuff (a style right up my alley as you know). Whenever I get back to painting faces, errr, human faces, Andre’s would be a good lesson on proper highlighting. Nicely done, I know the time machine will bring you back to a better time – maybe with an attack on a work colleague by Aussie ants (inside FOTW JOKE).

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    1. If only time travel was for real! In an ideal world there are a great many days I would like to revisit and a good many I would like ro change but such is life. Perhaps there is a parallel universe where the alternative choices that were available to us are being played out?

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  3. Oh wow!! I am super excited and impressed with the scratch built machine man. Well done. It screams steampunk. The minis face is looking great too. I hope that one day I can sit beside you at your hobby desk for a lesson on painting faces and more specifically EYES! Great post mate. I for one love WIP posts.

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    1. Well given you are the mother of all inventions I will take that as a complement. Hopefully I will have it finished for next week and then we can see how it checks out then. These builds are enjoyable but take longer so just as well you like WIP posts as I suspect I will have far more this year. As for a painting eyes lesson sounds like a good idea. 😊

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