“Amon” – 28mm Reaper Viking Warrior

Reaper always seem to be able to produce some great looking figures with a high degree of detail and such is the case with this figure called “Amon”.  I don’t know if IPMS Norway will have a trophy to present at Telford later this year or whether the show will even be on but I thought I’d like to go for it again if they do so hence this purchase and paint job.  With so much upper flesh on show I decided to give him a few basic tattoo’s.  No doubt IRO will approve!

The wall was a part of the sculpture so I only felt a need to add a litte ground work and vegitation to the base.

A couple a WIP images to kick off with followed by the completed figure.













22 thoughts on ““Amon” – 28mm Reaper Viking Warrior

  1. Nice work once again, and it’s amazing to me how different lighting and a different background can really change how a miniature looks.
    Who knows about the show, it may not translate but magic: the gathering just announced cancellation of all face to face events (usually 1-3 thousand people) for the rest of 2020.

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    1. With you all the way regarding photo’s, it can make so much diffence. As for the show, I don’t think there is a hope in hell of it taking place. So much organisation has to go into it that a decision will have to be taken before too long and that can only be be based on what we know now. I guess a watered down event could work but would it pay for itself? Time will of course tell and in the meanwhile I’ll be delighted to be wrong!

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  2. you cant beat a viking or celtic warrior for drama, and you pack loads in, the background certainly does make a difference too, dark and it stops all that reflected light, but with some models that is whats needed, great model done well..

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  3. I had a feeling I was forgetting something alllllllll week and this post is what it was. Brilliant model and paint work. A real stand out. I like the tones in the beard and the eyes, as always, are very cool.

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