“Smedley Cloverdash” Time Traveller

Whilst I continue to search in vain for my lost diorama mojo I remain very happy simply painting figures.  I’m even making a small dent in my to do lead pile which at least feels like a step in the right direction.

Having put knights to one side just for the moment I decided to divert my attention to this Reaper Steampunk figure which goes by the name or “Smedley Cloverdash” and whose profession is listed as “Time Traveller”.  A modified key and a watch spring were added to the base to provide a little interest and suport the Steampunk feel.

Images below.








22 thoughts on ““Smedley Cloverdash” Time Traveller

      1. i have dave, i also suffer the why do i bother routine, but i did say to myself i am doing this blog for me so i will continue with it when i muster up some can be bothered ness, i am still painting and loving it, just not taken any pictures yet, but i will. I will try my hand at WW2 germans soon as i got a sprue free with my mag, stay safe mate..

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  1. What a fantastic figure. I love how you’ve painted him and the colours you’ve chosen are perfect. The key is a great addition too mate. He’s a real standout. I’m glad your piles are getting better too mate hehe.

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    1. Thanks IRO and yes the piles are better! Listened to your latest podcast while I too was sitting down painting. Twice I found myself starting a conversation with you. When you started on about Queen and Bo Rap I started to tell you the link with Mike Myers and Waynes World but would you listen!! 😂😂

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  2. This is a really cool change of pace for you. When I saw the title, I was thinking it might be Dr. Who inspired but I like the steampunk vibes here. The key was a really clever backdrop to include as well. If you like this genre, there are a few miniature games with Steampunk as their main focus so you might be able to explore it further if you’d like. Recently, I’ve been contemplating getting one of those sculpts and giving it a go and this post is not helping my willpower! 🙂

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