Hasselfree Miniatures – A Review By TIM

I suspect for a great many painters and modellers the bottom line is the sites which interest us the most are those which align themselves to what we prefer doing.  So it was for me several years ago when my interest was almost exclusively the Old West.  However, whilst I still love the period my allegiance to the genre has moved on, my figure searches have widened and I now paint whatever takes my fancy.  As a consequence I am very much open to each and every site I come across.  If I discover a figure(s) I like the look of and I am inspired to paint and base it then I am almost certain to buy it.

It was during such a search that I discovered Hasslefree Miniatures.  I first came across images of a female fantasy figure called “Lenore” which was enough to make me go to the site and look more closely at what they had to offer.  The menu offers three prime categories – Fantasy & Steampunk, Modern & Post-Apocalyptic and Sci-Fi & Weird War.  There are numerous sub headings under each category.

My first purchase was for a few female fantasy figures.  They arrived like every order I have made since, well packaged and containing a couple of packets of sweets.  Yes that’s right sweets.  I always give mine to my daughter as her tooth is sweeter than.

The figures themselves are simply superb with very little, if any, clean up needed.  Each one is perfectly in scale with nothing out of proportion at all.   They are the work of a master sculptor for sure.  Some manufactures can equal the work of Hasslefree but I have yet to come across anyone who can better them when it comes to quality.  You do pay a little more for the figures but you certainly get what you pay for.  Generally the figures retail at around £4.00 to £5.00 each plus the dreaded VAT and you can expect to pay double that price if you want the resin master figure insead of white metal.  Occasionally Hasslefree will gave a 20% sale on everything and when they do I try to take full advantage.

One of the other things which attracts me to Hasslefree is that the figures are so well posed.  Each one has a charachter and expression of their own and for me and what I do they are simply perfect.   The level of detail is spot on and there is plenty of opportunity for some freehand painting shoild you so wish.  I could paint and base these figures all day long (and often do!).  They are so cool in my opinion and offer so many inspirational ideas.  If you didn’t know previously then I guess you know now that I am rather keen on Hasslefree Miniatures!

I am not sure that I can or that I would want to pick favourites within the ranges they have on offer but the Modern Adventurers category is simply class.   They are popular too and it is not unusual to see certain figures out of stock.  It doesn’t take long for them to become available again although one figure, “Joe”, I just don’s seem to be able to get my hands on at all.

As I said at the start, much depends what you are into but if you do decide to check out the site and take the plunge of buying some figures I am confident you wont be disappointed.

A couple of links to models and figures I have done featuring some Hasslefree figures I have painted below.






16 thoughts on “Hasselfree Miniatures – A Review By TIM

  1. Really enjoy those little reviews TIM.
    Hasslefree are fantastic, I have some of their fantasy range. They are doing old-school sculpting and not just 3d-rendering, which is a charm in itself. They look absolutely fantastic and are true scale, but on the larger side.
    Can also confirm that there is basically no clean-up work need and of course no mould slippage.
    As you said so very well, their absolute charm is the diversity of their range, they basically make everything for everything, which makes them more prone to little dioramas rather than simple wargaming – which your links show.
    Myself, I only have their metal versions, which I’m very impressed by, are the resin-ones even better?

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    1. Nice to know I am not the only one who rates Hasslefree minis so highly 😊. Like you I have only done their metal figures. I would expect the resin masters to be even better given they are also twice the price but I much prefer metal figures so haven’t painted one yet. Might get one at some point yhough just to see the level of difference.

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      1. They are really great and they don’t shy away from explicit designs, which I find also very nice to have.
        I just remembered I got the female Witch Hunter from them as well. Hasslefree is also one of those few companies, that actually nail female models without having them looking like a man in a wig (looking at most of GWs).
        I’m also that great of a resin-fan with all the health-related issues and the brittleness and I like the weight of metal of course!
        I somewhat wonder a bit why the resin-ones are so much more expensive, but maybe their resin might be especially good quality and more work to cast. Or do they mean with “master” that you’d be able to cast them yourself? I’m not that familar with the terms.

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      2. Agree about the female figures, they are excellent and probably the best out there in my opinion. The resin figures are just that, they are not something you cast yourself. I am not an expert on the processing side but they say the resin figures are the closest you can get to the original master figure for quality and definition. Will have to buy one at some stage just to see for myself.

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  2. Well, reading this reminded me there was something I meant to buy from Hasslefree so the unpainted pile has grown a little more! I’m sure I bought and painted a bunch of stuff from them years ago but god only knows what’s become of it by now. It’ll be good to see something in the hand and remind myself if they’re as good as I remember them being, although having seen the quality of the stuff you churn out from them I don’t think I need to have any worries on that score! They used to have a bit of a reputation for producing nothing but tits and ass, which is fair enough and the quality was top-notch, but it’s nice to see they’ve been expanding the line and really showing off the full range and breadth of Kev’s skills. Looking through the catalogue again I can definitely see a few more orders from them in my future 🙂

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  3. I can see why they got the tits and ass reputation as Kev does seem to like the ladies. As you know I am quite a fan of the range and some of the figures I have done several times because I can see so many options for them. I expect I will be placing another order shortly too. If you do venture into metal I would recommend pitching in with Hasslefree. Many of the figures require some basic assembly and come with alterantive arms which might appeal to you from a conversion point of view. Basic in your terms but would be great to see a Wudugast spin on one or two figures. Might be tempted to give the idea a go myself. 😊

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  4. Nice review. Hasslefree aRe brilliant. I have quite a few metal minis from them for a zombie project that is in the back burner. My favourite figure from them though that I have is Dutch. He’s the Arnie character from Predator. Very cool model. Very cool company. The lollies (sweets) are a nice touch too I reckon.

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  5. Another enjoyable and useful review! I haven’t painted any of their minis so I can’t speak much to their quality. I do find their website slightly outdated/cumbersome but because of the good things you’ve said about them, I will have to give one of their minis a shot one of these days! 🙂

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  6. Nice review. I’ve enjoyed seeing the minis you’ve painted. With my massive fantasy slant, I’m not sure if they are someone I’d use in the near future for minis but I did take a look and see they stick coat d’arm paints so I’ll definitely be getting some of them off the site to support them.

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