Dio-Bolical Monday No: 18 – “The Wizard’s Tower” – Part 9

This week my time was entirely spent on painting the second figure for this diorama, images of which appear below. 

The figure in question is from the Reaper Pathfinder range and goes by the name “Valeros, Iconic Male Human Fighter” and the composition of the figure is perfect for what I have in mind to do with him.  There is very little to say on the paint job itself but some of you following the progress of this diorama my well be asking at this point “so what is going on here then?”.  You’re not asking?  Well that’s OK then because in any event I have no intention of telling you exactly what is going on for at least another couple of weeks.


Now where do I go from here?  Well next week I have four aims.  Firstly to explain two minor problems I encountered and how I have hopefully resolved them.  Do some more weathering and ground work and add the wooded posts and rope ballistrade which goes up alongside the steps.  This last step involves glue and I hate glue so I am not looking forward to that bit very much.  If I get all that done I will move on to the final piece of this diorama jigsaw.  That should take a couple of weeks I reckon balancing it alongside the fact that it is now spring in the UK and I have loads of jobs to do outside in the garden.  If that goes well then I will be ready for the final post which essentially will be images of the end result.


27 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 18 – “The Wizard’s Tower” – Part 9

  1. Ha Ha Mate ! how opposite are we,your getting ready for spring and I’m getting ready for winter !
    Your starting to blossom and I’m wilting !! Its OK mate i decided that the shed is going to be a mess for some time and I need some modelling time to get me back on track. I painted a neglected piece of terrain that I had put aside in 2019 as it didn’t fit with the Desert Attack one suddenly I felt so much better as it is one of the major items in the next dio (only going to take a year)
    I have to say mate that your kind words to TA were picked up by the Mrs modeler man pat and she said ! well I think she was going to say some kind words but she swooned!! F>>> she’s just like me !HA HA !!

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    1. I do find it odd Pat that our worlds are upside down. I can never get my head around that when I am typing like I am now in the morning that you are most likely in bed! As for your next diroama, it may well take a year but the good news is you are now retired so there is no rush is there? As for the TA? My instincts tell me she’s a special young women and if she ever gets the idea of visiting the south west of England then be sure to tell she is always welcome to come and stay with me and SWMBO. Oh, and that goes for you and your Mrs too.

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      1. Thanks Dave that’s so good of you and SWBO , I’m sure if things clear up we would take you up on that offer ! I’m sure the younger one would! Hey I just getting in my Paddgies now so nightie night mate 😅😅😅

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  2. Valeros looks pretty intense, I am intrigued to see what you have planned!! Plus now there’s drama because – well – what have you got up your sleeves? Nice post Dave and great to catch up as well.

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  3. The latest mini looks great. He certainly brings some intensity to this composition as well. I hope the remaining work on the dio goes well and I’m looking forward to your next update when you’ve got everything in order!

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