28mm Baron’s War Spearman

As well as working on the other two Spearmen from pack 1, which should feature in this coming Wednesday’s Miniatures & Musings post,  l decided I’d also make a start on the next set of Spearmen too.

For this little chap I thought I would return to authentic heraldry and chose to paint his shield in a design which according to a chart I have is called “Gyronney”.  At first glance I thought it would prove to be hard to paint but in the end it turned out to be easier than I thought.  I’m starting to think that, given the practice I have had, that maybe, just maybe my ability to paint straight lines is starting to pay off.

As shield designs go this is one I may well do again, albeit in a different colour scheme.  It might just be me but it does seem quite eye catching.  First though I must work on another mounted knight.  To date I’ve done only three which as a ratio to the number of them I have compared to foot figures puts me way behind.  On the positive side mounted knights look pretty impressive but on the downside they do take me a very long time to paint.  They also take me a while to decide on a scheme too and at times I find that the hardest part.  I’m sure I’ll come up with something but firstly I must finish the two Spearman for Wednesday.

Images of my “Gyronney” Spearman below.




36 thoughts on “28mm Baron’s War Spearman

  1. Great spearman, and yes I think the time it takes to paint a mounted knight in full heraldic colours can only be appreciated by having a go. I remember how long it took to get each of my Bretonnian Grail Knights painted back in the day.

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  2. Great work on the spearman TIM, the shield looks excellent. At this rate you’ll have all the foot soldiers finished and just have cavalry left to paint ! LOL

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  3. That is lovely, the shield design really looks fantastic. I sympathise with you on the mounted knights, I get a bit of painters block when it comes to horses myself. Think of all the amazing heraldry you’ll be able to cover them with though!

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    1. Thanks Wudu. I do love doing the mounted knights but I do have to be in a very patient mood. The heraldry is great but there is so much to do on a horse and matching things up is testing to say the least. If I was less fussy they’d all be done by now! 🤣

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I do plans to do some group shots at some point. I need to think about some sort of base though and then see if what little photographic skills I have are up to the job. I might have to get you to send Jenn round!

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      1. I’ve never been very good a full army shots, but the only thing I found is lighting is important, Jenn always recommends taking them outside. Of course that could just be to get me out the house 😀

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  4. I think you are getting better as that heraldry looks spot on to me. I like the brighter colors on this particular knight. You’re always finding ways to keep the variety up 🙂

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