Who am I?

My name is Dave Green and I was born in 1957.  My childhood years were the 1960’s when the theme of the day in terms of toys, TV and cinema was the Wild West.  Like many of my generation I was hooked on the subject as a kid and have been ever since. On wet days I spent many hours playing inside with my Britains Swoppets and Airfix 1/72 scale figures and enjoyed nothing more than creating set up after set up and poorly painting figures.  Then came adulthood followed by work, more work, marriage, children and more work until along came early retirement and a chance to rekindle my childhood interest.  At an unplanned visit to a modelling exhibition I spied some western figures and suddenly there I was back in the 1960’s.  Some would say I’d never left!

Why TIM?

When I got back into modelling I was initially pleased with the figures I had painted but then I looked online and saw what others had produced. I soon realised that the standard of my work left a great deal of room for improvement and so I went away and practiced and then practised some more. The quality of my painting improved significantly but it still fell short of the standards set by others and which I had hoped to emulate. Despite more practice I could not close the gap and reach the level of perfection I desired. I had reached a cross roads. Do I give up and accept that there will always be those who possess that extra something which elevates them to a higher plain?  Or, do I continue to do my best, accept my limitations and simply enjoy my hobby and my imperfections?  I chose the latter.

Why a Blog?

Three reasons. Firstly, to create a portfolio of my own work. Secondly, in the pursuit of my own improvement, to hopefully receive constructive feedback and encouragement (I haven’t given up trying to attain perfection just yet!). Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, to encourage others to enjoy a truly fantastic and infinitely creative hobby – you don’t have to be the best to enjoy it!