Diorama Lite – “Fulumbar, Dwarf Captain” (Part 2 – Final)

As anticipated I was able to complete the base work and figure of “Fulumbar” quite comfortably this week.  I do like Reaper figures as many of you will know and this little 28mm chap, a dwarf captain no less, was fun to do and had a nice bit of detail to pick out.

The base needed more paint work along with a few bits of plant to help bring it to life and the water effects such as they are were extremely straight forward.  I used the method I employed on my Wizard Tower project but on a much smaller scale.

Little else for me to add this week other than images of the finished model.


Diorama Lite – “Fulumbar, Dwarf Captain” (Part 1)

Unless I have any others tucked away unbeknown to me then “Fulumbar” is my last dwarf.  It will be some considerable time I think before I do another.  I therefore thought I would go about trying to give him a nice little setting.  I had in mind a rural setting with a little bit of water and a stone wall.  Nothing to fancy but just enough to set the scene on a 40mm square base.

The first step was to get a little bit of height into the base which I did using a few stone chippings and a small lump of DAS air drying clay.  Once the clay had harden a little I started to cut into it to create the space for where the water would eventually go.

The next step was to build a little section of wall taking care not to take a small chunk out of my thumb!  I used some plaster board to make stone bricks and then simply stuck them together with some PVA and set aside to dry.  I then set about filling a few gaps, adding a little texture and planting a small twig.

Once dry it was time to get some initial colour onto things.

Base colouring mostly done it was time to turn my attention to toning things down some what and trying to get a more realistic finish.  Muted colours were dry brushed on along with a little green here and there.

Time now to work on the figure itself. 

The little chap is close to being finished and there is some more work to be done on the base.  Neither should take very long so feeling pretty certain it will be done by next week.  All being well I should also have time to spend getting another figure or two done for my Medieval Army.



The “Wood Elf King”

Initially I had planned for this to be a two part post under the banner of “Diorama Lite” but for that to have happened I really needed to have taken some work in progress photos!  As it happens I did manage to take a couple but nowhere near enough to justify a second installment so I soldiered on and decided to complete the figure and post it finished instead.

The first of the two progress pictures I took shows the “tree” attached to the base and partly painted.  Not exactly an inspired basing decision as I figured a Wood Elf needed to be positioned in the woods.

The next work in progress image is of the elf himself, a 28mm Reaper figure.  I decided the back of his cloak warranted some work on it rather than just leaving it plain.

Thereafter the figure was just a paint job and the base itself was added to slightly.  Some scatter was applied along with some tufts and I used some tea leaves on the tree to simulate ivy.  Hopefully the overall image conveys a wood elf in the woods!

Images of the completed model below.



Diorama Lite – Reaper “Cheiton, Dwarf Hero” (Part 2 – Final)

This week was an easy week in the sense that I really only needed to paint the figure.  He’s a nice little 28mm Reaper mini with quite a lot of detail and he had a pretty good pose for a chap standing outside his doorway before he goes off to hit some poor unfortunate over the head.  Dwarfs I am given to understand can be a bit like that.

I had already left a suitable whole in the base for positioning the figure so other than some minor adjustments and a few touch ups there was very little else to do.  Overall I am pleased with the outcome but I hope over time my imagination will inspire greater things but you have to start somewhere.  For me identifying nice figures holds the key and I have a few already lined up so we will see where we end up.  For now though the journey has begun.

Images below.



Diorama Lite No:1 – Reaper “Cheiton, Dwarf Hero” (Part 1)

Welcome to the first Diorama Lite post.  The concept of this series is to feature based figures which offer a little bit more than a typical wargaming style base, a micro diorama if you will.  Whilst the work involved isn’t in the same league as a larger diorama churning these little models out on a daily or weekly basis simply isn’t going to happen.  I anticipate each one taking a couple of weeks to do on average.  Slower in the spring and summer perhaps and maybe quicker in the winter when more time is spent indoors may become a factor in the fullness of time.  Without further a do let’s get under way.

The featured figure for this model is as the title indicates a Dwarf.  All being well you will get to see him next week in part 2.  The concept for the base is a simple affair.  Our hero dwarf is simply standing outside his front door.  Now that’s got you excited hasn’t it?

First up there was a need to make a door.  Wooden coffee stirrers, a bit of polystyrene, lead foil and pin heads for the hinges and wire for the door handle were all used.


Slate chippings from the garden were used to create steps leading to the door.  The model is being built on a 40mm x 40mm MDF base which will then be mounted on a 40mm oak cube plinth.


A piece of plant root was used to make a small tree.


I made a couple of giant toadstools using Milliput mounted on top of pin heads.


Thereafter it was pretty much all about adding some filler to the polystyrene and once it was dry painting and weathering everything followed by a little bit of assembly.  A mixture of paint colours and paints were used – acrylics and oils.  Finally some plant life was added.


Some touching up here and there will be needed once the figure has been positioned but for now the scene is pretty much set.


Dio-Bolical Monday No: 19 – “The Wizard’s Tower” – Part 12 – Final

This week brings an end to the Wizard Tower diorama and the timing could not be more perfect.  Not only does today signal the end of this diorama but it is also the end of the end of lockdown and my 39th wedding anniversary.  It is also the end of Dio-Bolical Monday for the foreseeable future.  This diorama, and Fools Gold which preceded it, have both been great fun but as well as the need for a break I need to create space before I can even contemplate doing another.  Until that time does arrive I intend to replace Dio-Bolical Monday with Diorama Lite.  The first post should be next week but we will have to see.  Meanwhile back to this one.

As at last week I was left with a few things to do.  The dragon needed to be finished and was.  It was duly tidied up and whilst I can say I hated every minute I spent painting it the end result was OK.  It was then just a matter of positioning it and the second figure.  I decided to pin the dragon in such away that it can be removed if necessary.  I have also kept the tower in its sections rather than gluing it all together.  The fit is so good you cannot see the joins and it will also make transporting it that much easier too.  Picking up on several comments I also tried to inject some movement into the banner but having already stuck the banner down and put it in situ the scope to do anything was very restricted and I wasn’t about to start again.  But hey, that’s why I am The Imperfect Modeller!  So, a final few touch ups here and there and that was job done.

On to some photo’s.  The first four images show the positioning of the second figure before the dragon was added and then with the dragon in situ.  The photo’s thereafter after show the complete diorama along with various close up images.  As it was a nice day I decided to take the tower a part and go outside to take the Photo’s  Not the ideal backdrop to be fair but then again I don’t have an ocean in my back garden and I don’t have a light box the size of a marque either.  The final image is a photo of the diorama in its display case.  All in all not an easy thing to photograph, well for me at least, but hopefully you can get a feel for the finished piece.

Well folks I hope you like the end result.  Personally I have had a blast doing it.  The tower itself is an awesome piece of kit and I would recommend Table Top World buildings to anyone, they’re worth every penny.  Obviously it’s the favorite bit of the whole thing but I’d also like to give a shout out to the sea effects.  Not my idea as pointed out in earlier posts but it is simple and so cool.  Something I’d really like to do again at some point but until then that’s it.







“Mei-Lin Mayfair” – 28mm CP Models

I thought I would surprise you, and myself for that matter, by doing a figure that wasn’t from Hasslefree.  This little lady is from CP Models and goes by the name of “Mei-Lin Mayfair”.  To be honest she could easily pass for a Hasslefree figure – metal, spot on 28mm scale and female.  Having failed with Ann’s March challenge I’m straight in there for April!

With no rules to follow in terms of colour scheme I thought I would go for yellow, partly inspired by others who for one reason or another have gone with this colour recently.  Personally I think it is the worst colour to paint with which is annoying because it is one I really like.  Unfortunately yellow paint is just too translucent for one or two coats to be sufficient I find.

Doubtless there are many ways of painting with yellow but, on the occasions when I do, I use just about every yellow I have in my paint collection.  Starting with the darkest I work through each colour in layers until I get to the lightest and that seems to work for me.  As for the base I kept it simple as I liked the figure and didn’t want to distract from it.  I used Scrim Tape to create a mesh pattern (just about visible in the last image), some broken plaster board for a little rubble and a old watch part to add a bit of metal.



“Glory” – The Fembruary Challenge

In response to Alex’s annual Fembruary challenge I managed to pick up a couple of female figures from Hasslefree.  This is the first and goes by the name of “Glory”.  I might get the second one done as it’s early in the month but we’ll have to see.

I was conscious of the challenge brief so focused on females with attitude rather than the skyclad females which I have done in the past and which Hasslefree have on offer.  Miss Glory fits the bill of a no nonsense, mess with me at your peril, kind of women.  This is admirable in conflict situations and I for one would be more than happy to have some one like her watching my back although I suspect it would be me looking at hers as she takes the fight to the enemy.  Whether I would be happy to have a relationship with a women who is more hard nosed and intimidating than me or the the average guy is something  else entirely but it probably wouldn’t be my decision to make!

Images Below.



“Halvdan” – A 28mm Hasslefree Figure

Lockdown in the UK continues and will do so for some considerable time, weeks if not months.  As with the previous ones I am reliant on the hobby to help see me through the dark days.  The blog and the miniatures will hopefully keep me busy enough to pass the time until it is my turn to receive a vaccination and the prospect thereafter of a new world.  So far this strategy is proving to be successful and this week saw me pick up another Hasslefree figure to sink my teeth into.  

This little chap is from the Hasslefree fantasy human range and goes by the name of Halvdan.  When it comes to figures I do like a nice simple standing pose and the key feature of this one for me is the angle of the head.  The tilt might be minor but is makes such a big difference in my opinion.  To me the guy looks like he is tired, either from walking, fighting or working and is in a reflective mood.  A great sculpt I think and a joy to paint.

As for the painting and the base work I don’t have a great deal to say.  I went for muted colours and simply chose green because I had done a lot of blue lately!  That’s about as deep as my thinking goes at times.

Images below.




Shalelu, Elf Ranger – Reaper

This last week has seen my mood lifted for no reason whatsoever that I can put my finger on.  I would like to report that the weather in blighty has been fantastic, that I have had a Covid-19 vacine and that naked women have thrown themselves at me (again!) demanding that I make them with child.  Alas however none of this is true, well except the last bit, there is a bit of truth in that.  OK there isn’t, I’m lying.  In any event my spirits have lifted somewhat and for that I am grateful.

Reinvigorated for reasons unknown I settled down and painted this little female elf ranger from Reaper, a 28mm figure who goes by the name of Shalelu.  I rather liked painting this one and decided there was a bit of an opportunity for some freehand work on the back of her cloak.  Just a few squiggles really but I felt they provided a bit of interest.

Images below.