“Alain” – A 28mm Iconic Cavalier by Reaper (Final)

Welcome to this weeks Miniatures & Musings!


This week I managed to finish “Alain”, the 28mm Iconic Cavalier by Reaper which I had started painting the face on last week.  This represents my first figure for 2021 and therefore my entry into Ann’s challenge.

The figure provided an opportunity for a little free hand work on the shield, front and back, in the form of a couple of crosses.  As the figure had quite a lot going on and a fair bit of detail I decided to keep the base work simple.

Images below.



29 thoughts on ““Alain” – A 28mm Iconic Cavalier by Reaper (Final)

  1. I like the medieval/high fantasy feel of this sculpt and the freehand is excellent. Painting those subtly curved lines couldn’t have been easy! While I love your steampunk and wild west miniatures, you have a real knack for medieval and/or high fantasy minis too, I’d say, mate. I hope to see more like this in 2021 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Right now freehand work is what I am enjoying the most. I’m not a natural artist by any means so I concentrate on basic shapes and try to slowly push on from there. Just wish I had started this side of the hobby when I was younger! 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome, mate. I don’t get the opportunity to freehand as much as I would like but I feel the same way as you. I do find myself yearning to do more of it and wanting to become better and better at it. There’s no doubt that its one of the most impressive things a painter can add to any model.

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    2. I agree, a great job as usual. Very colorful and has a good Fantasy appeal. Also, I like that there was only a touch of dirt on the feet. Just enough to add a touch of realism without spoiling all of the colors by having him look like he’d just come from a battle.

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