Battle of Britain Pilots 1/32nd Scale

I hadn’t intended to create a post today but then again I hadn’t anticipated a modelling ban from her who must be obeyed over the Christmas period either.  So, while the wife has popped out to do some last-minute food shopping I thought I’d sign in and get started.  As she left the house I was charged with doing some cleaning before my parents arrived for Christmas but I figure they wont notice if it hasn’t been done given that mum is 86 and dad is 91.  I can always claim to have done it and blame the dog if she spots anything out-of-place.  Then again she’ll moan at the dog but not at my dad so I may blame him instead.  He’s deaf too which will provide for additional insurance.  Don’t you just love family time at Christmas?

Back to modelling.

The WW1 project will continue into the New Year and hopefully Santa will bring a few much-needed bits and bobs to enable the final models to be completed.  I’m suffering building with drawl symptoms so the need for a larger diorama featuring some sort of construction will I think begin in January.  The good news is I’ve done all I’m going to do for the RAF exhibit needed for June 2018.  For those who do not know next year marks the 100th anniversary of the RAF.  I like planes but I don’t model them so my contribution to the clubs homage is a couple of figures, the first of which I posted details on a short while ago.  The photo’s below are of my second contribution.

The figures represent two WW2 Battle of Britain fighter pilots, we’ll say Spitfire pilots, I like Spitfires they’re iconic.  The figures are 1/32nd scale so it was nice to do something slightly larger for a change.  Very basic base work as I didn’t want to distract from the figures, which is also another way of saying I couldn’t be arsed on this occasion.  The enamel pin was a cheap purchase off of Ebay for which the proceeds went to charity which was nice.  I like these military pins and I’ve used a few now and they’re a great way of setting off the base in my opinion.

Not much more I can say about this model other than it was painted using a combination of acrylics and oils.  The figures are also plastic which is most unusual for me as almost everything I do is white metal.  I hope you like the photo’s.

All that remains is for me to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to the followers that I have thank you for doing so.  Those of you who are in Australia will experience Christmas and New Year ahead of the rest of us (time travel but not as we know it) so enjoy.  Be careful surfing on the backs of those Great Whites (you guys are so tough!) and throw another prawn on the barbie for me.  I’m off to watch Crocodile Dundee and a DVD of the Bodyline Ashes tour.

Gotta go, she who must be obeyed has just pulled into the drive!

Until the New Year …







Battle of Britain RAF Pilot No: 1

Work continues on figures and small dioramas for next year’s Plymouth show and will continue to do so for sometime. The Old West remains my genre of choice but I really am enjoying WW1 and, all be it to a lesser extent, the RAF.  The Great War is proving to be a great outlet for my imagination and ideas for small scale dioramas have been fuelled by finding excellent figures in 28mm scale.

The RAF on the other hand has proven to be more difficult. There are less figures out tbere, or so it would seem, and ideas for dioramas which don’t involve planes has had me stumped. I don’t mind the idea of doing a plane but 28mm is not a true scale so such things rarely, if at all, exist in the right dimensions. Scratch Building is an option but I’m not inspired to do so and going up in scale would result in a huge plane.

Confronted by my RAF dilemma I decided the only way forward was to return to my modelling roots and simply go for finding and painting a figure or two and leave the dioramas for WW1.

A trawl of some of my preferred suppliers threw up a couple of options but even a general search didn’t exactly leave me spoilt for choice. Still, I managed to find a couple of suitable figures which will allow me to meet my obligation to the club so I guess all is well.

First of the work bench is a 54mm vignette produced by Andrea Miniatures which goes by the title “Afternoon Tea”. Andrea produce some fantastic figures and I’ve done a good few over the years and thoroughly enjoyed doing them. This one was no exception.