Dio-Bolical Monday No: 9 – “Fools Gold” – Part 8 – Final

This week was mainly about getting the figure painted before making some very small and final additions (such as a few twigs and a skull) before taking photos of the finished diorama.  I do find it very satisfying that you can take a few bits of old crap and turn them into something else entirely.  I must give another shout out to Table Top World, the cottage truly is a stunning kit and I can’t wait to get started now on the Wizard Tower.

The central character to this diorama is a Reaper Chronoscope figure which goes by the name of Crazy Pete.  It’s a figure I have had an eye on for a while but hadn’t decided exactly what to do with him.  Then as things do an idea started to form and then as they say the rest is history.


Holding a nugget and doing a jig gave rise to the title of the diorama.  Did Pete discover pure gold or fools gold?  Did he die a wealthy man in luxury or is he buried up in them there hills a broken sole?  Well I will leave that for you to decide.  Meanwhile images of the completed diorama, taken mostly outside for some natural light, appear below.

Thank you for your perseverance I hope you have enjoyed following the build.

Next week I will get started on the Wizard Tower.



44 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 9 – “Fools Gold” – Part 8 – Final

  1. Wow mate!!! This is really great. The outside photos really make it all feel so believable. The check shirt is spot on. Great choice of figure too. The hut is an excellent sculpt but is a work of art now you’ve painted it. Everything is so realistic. I bloody love it mate. Big pat on the back. I see Pete being so crazy and excited that he finally found gold after many, many years that he becomes super paranoid and decides to live like a hermit up in the hills. Now people tell stories about the old hermit with a stockpile of good somewhere. People have gone searching for him but more so for the gold but no one has ever found him. His story is folklore now. Well done mate.

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      1. I’m thinking of a little prequel diorama scene of how and why he became “crazy” Pete. Maybe a stagecoach robbery? Or he was a sherif in a small town and a bad guy killed his sweetheart and he wandered off into them there hills in search of his other true love… Gold.

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  2. Wonderful completion to the project TIM, the one figure speaks volumes, and everthing feels like it should be there. Look forward to seeing what you do with the wizards tower. Are you converted to resin yet ?

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    1. Thanks Dave, as dioramas go this one went well with few if any hitches. As for resin, very much converted by these buildings that’s for sure. Credit where it’s due. Not sure I will embrace figures though. The quality and detail are fine but I’m a little to heavy handed and find them a little fragile. That said I guess it rather depends on the figure itself. Overall I am more open minded though that’s for sure. 🙂

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  3. You’re right, he does look like me! It’s all in the pose I reckon!
    Absolutely fantastic work here, one of those pieces that I feel like I could walk right into. It’s been really interesting following the way this has developed, looking forward to the Wizard’s Tower now. 😎

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  4. After your last update, I got the sense that you were nearly done and I was curious how that could be with such a large diorama but now I can see exactly why you said that! Crazy Pete is not only a great sculpt but he was all this already wonderful diorama needed. Fantastic work on this project and you really should be proud not only to have executed a great idea but for also getting such an ambitious project done in short order. Many people only dream of making a diorama and you knocked this one out like it was easy! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. It was a nice little project and one I enjoyed but the figure was the key. Some figures, this being one in my opinion, just lend themselves to a diorama. Sometimes you only need one figure but you do need the right one. 😊

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  5. I have really enjoyed this project seeing how you think about dioramas and how you construct them a bit at a time, and hence I have been looking forward to your final post on it.
    And then you finish it and post these pics. Wow. Just wow. I don’t know how you taken something I’ve seen you construct and some how “level it up” with you final post.

    My first look at the pics I did not really appreciate how amazing your painting of crazy Pete is, the shirt again I did not notice you had checked it, it just looked like the sort of shirt crazy Pete would wear.

    Just splendid man well done!

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  6. Holy @#$%…just went back to look at the mini after Alec’s comment about the freehand. Nope, time to change your name to The Perfect Modeler! Or Crazy Dave!

    Just a beautiful scene and the outdoor shots are amazing. I’d probably have to see all your dioramas in person (I’ll send you my address!), but this has got to rank up there in my top 5 faves, if not number one.

    Being an optimist at heart, and just in the brightness of the scene, or maybe I want some happiness amidst this stupid @#$%ing pandemic environment we are in….I’m going to say he finds real gold, gets hitched with a nice gal, and years down the road is relaxing on the porch with some beers, friends, and a bunch of grand kids playing in the fruit trees out back! 🙂

    Splendid job!

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    1. Cheers Faust. As dioramas go this one went smoothly they don’t all do that I can assure you! The figure provided the inspiration, it’s such a great sculpt. As for Crazy Pete’s future? I think you have come up with a very fitting scenario. 😊

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  7. This looks so good, well done! The textures and the colours are so naturalistic looking, with the daylight photography doing its best to bring them out. And then that checkered shirt to top it all off!

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  8. Thanks for bringing me along on the journey here. I’ve been following on email but haven’t been on WordPress in a while. Others have stated all I could, so Dave, all I will add is have a drink for old Pete. You’ve more than earned it with this beauty. A gold medal to be for sure.

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  9. Oh mate!! so good, I have been creeping along catching up and I was really looking forward to seeing what you had done with this one since I left of in December. Dave mate I bet you are happy with the results on this one as it has come together so well!
    I would put this success down to plenty of thought and planning, top marks from me mate as I really like the lay out and especially your plant placement, something I feel is so important !

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  10. Missed this before, but IRO linked this post in his last offering, and I am sure glad h did, even if just for that cool mini. He will be a great little add to my WW civilians. The dio is superb. Everything works so well. Nicely done!

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