“Glory” – The Fembruary Challenge

In response to Alex’s annual Fembruary challenge I managed to pick up a couple of female figures from Hasslefree.  This is the first and goes by the name of “Glory”.  I might get the second one done as it’s early in the month but we’ll have to see.

I was conscious of the challenge brief so focused on females with attitude rather than the skyclad females which I have done in the past and which Hasslefree have on offer.  Miss Glory fits the bill of a no nonsense, mess with me at your peril, kind of women.  This is admirable in conflict situations and I for one would be more than happy to have some one like her watching my back although I suspect it would be me looking at hers as she takes the fight to the enemy.  Whether I would be happy to have a relationship with a women who is more hard nosed and intimidating than me or the the average guy is something  else entirely but it probably wouldn’t be my decision to make!

Images Below.



31 thoughts on ““Glory” – The Fembruary Challenge

  1. Nice figure, nice hair, nice wooden handle, nice wild eyed look, and really nice armor. Also, a very interesting choice of metal on the sword. All in all, I’d say you knocked another one of out of the park, TIM!

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  2. Excellent work TIM, the addition of the blue tone in the armour plates works really well, it’s almost as if it’s reflecting the blue from the clothing.

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  3. Wow, she’s ace mate, that metallic blue plate is just gorgeous! I don’t know if you watched Game of Thrones, but she has more than a hint of Brienne of Tarth… and that is a very very good thing 👍

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  4. Aye, like Alex I thought Brienne of Tarth when I saw her. Very impressed that you’ve got so much variation in colour and texture into the model despite painting her head to toe in blue.

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    1. Yes, looking at her again there is a Brienne connection for sure. Not one I had picked up on though until Alex highlighted it. Painting in essentially one colour can be a challenge. Some of my passed attempts have worked better than others but this is one of the better ones I think.

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      1. Not talking in fantasy terms: Taking more than one weapon at once is usual very disadvantegous, but you can use a spear with a shield, but it makes little sense if you’re wearing full plate – but even then there are occuances where it makes sense, like a siege where you want to get near onto the walls and the enemy fires or crossbow-actions.
        Still have to finish that paper, and still shut down, but basically everything’s fine apart from that. Got a ton of new metal crack though!

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