Diorama Lite – “Fulumbar, Dwarf Captain” (Part 2 – Final)

As anticipated I was able to complete the base work and figure of “Fulumbar” quite comfortably this week.  I do like Reaper figures as many of you will know and this little 28mm chap, a dwarf captain no less, was fun to do and had a nice bit of detail to pick out.

The base needed more paint work along with a few bits of plant to help bring it to life and the water effects such as they are were extremely straight forward.  I used the method I employed on my Wizard Tower project but on a much smaller scale.

Little else for me to add this week other than images of the finished model.


26 thoughts on “Diorama Lite – “Fulumbar, Dwarf Captain” (Part 2 – Final)

  1. I love the depth of colors, especially as shown in the beard. Just perfect. The figure is great, and the wall itself is art. Saw above you might have to take a break, hell, that would only cleanse your hobby palate (and maybe your paint palette too). Take care and again, 👍👍👍👍👍

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    1. Cheers Mark, glad you like it. Yes, I think a break is on the cards, so much going on right now, just need to address the balance through the summer I think. The good news is I think I have the beginning of a grand plan formulating for later in the year but more on that perhaps next week. 🙂

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  2. This came out really nicely! I like the idea of a dwarf ready to fight out in the wilds of a fantasy world. The running water looks very nice too and gives this dio a bit of extra action to it as well. It sounds like you might take a little break from these (which is totally understandable). I would say that they’ve been really fun to see and read about so hopefully when inspiration strikes, you’ll share some more with us 🙂

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    1. There will be more for sure and I have plenty of ideas, in fact I have one more planned. But it is the time of year, along with a release from lockdown after almost 18 months, when other things are competing for my time. Simply not enough hours in the day!

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  3. Oh Dave ,you will remember when I used to swoon well I’m past that and now I cant breath for a minute or two!! Good to see that some of the lads agree with me on the excellent work you have done on the wall, it really makes the show , well done again!

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