Sire Nicholas de Poyns

Here we have the second of my two 28mm neglected mounted Baron’s War knights from Footsore.  This one has been painted in the heraldry of Sire Nicholas de Poyns.  I found his details on a Pinterest image I found on the Parliamentary Roll but I have yet to search out more details on the knight himself.

I’ve never considered myself a quick painter, in fact I would say I am pretty slow.  I could never paint for YouTube, I’d be there all day, but I am enjoying painting mounted knights.  They are taking an age but I’m pleased with the first two I have done.  The real challenge I find with these is the horses and making sure things like the stripes are of even thickness and that they line up.  The end result doesn’t tell the full story of just how much touching up I go through to get an acceptable result (I can still see some bits I’ve missed!).  One day I might get things right at the first time of asking but that will take a lot more practice yet.

More mounted knights are on their way from Footsore, about a dozen or so I think, but it will be a few weeks before I have another one to offer you.  In the meanwhile images of Sir Nick below.




33 thoughts on “Sire Nicholas de Poyns

  1. So which dark god do you follow that gives you the power to paint such straight stripes over folds in cloth? LOL! He looks great, and I like the slightly muted red and yellow you’ve used.

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  2. Imagine after painting dozens of these how much faster you will be. Never mind how happy the final buyer will be (unless you decide they are yours forever). The boarding painting is top notch. It’s quite well done and looks natural- which is not easy to achieve over folds. I like the shield and boarding designs too. The best part is that you are, as you Brits say, “chuffed” (that term always makes me chuckle), to be deep into their painting. Can’t beat that!

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    1. Well I’m chuffed so far Mark and the plan for now at least is to keep what I am painting. That may change though, not least of all because my mind is already moving towards new ideas. I’m trying to stay disciplined, well for now at least, and who knows I may well get quicker. 🙂

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    1. I’d love to say I managed it every time at the first time of asking but alas it is backwards and forwards, time after time. It’s not so bad when you end up pleased with the end result but that’s not always the case! 🙂

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  3. As others have said, the stripes look like they were a good painting challenge and more importantly, they came out well. Its also good to hear that you’re still enjoying painting knights overall. You’ve just about got enough done that you should be able to share some group shots with us, I’d say! 🙂

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    1. Yes, still very much enjoying the project at the moment but other ideas are creeping into my head all the time, just need to keep them at bay for a while! First group shots will be on the way in the next week or two hopefully. 🙂

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      1. I can remember marvelling at my uncle’s chequerboard markings on a biplane. When I asked him how he did it, he replied it took three years!!!
        Love the Barons warriors too but mine would have to be lesser men at arms!

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  4. Your idea of “needs some work” is of a quality I aspire to, so don’t be so hard on yourself. And if it helps try to remember that figures for the table are supposed to look good “at arms length”.

    As usual, your models are inspiring.

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  5. He’s great. It amazes me that you can get those stripes so straight and of the right thickness. Very impressive. I used to be a quicker painter but as my skill level has slowly, painfully improved it’s taking me longer to get a figure finished. It doesn’t bother me though. As long as I’m happy with the end result.

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    1. Patience is the key which is why I’m a slow painter and you are becoming slower I reckon. You can settle for a quick paint job or take your time and simply not settle for anything less than your best. It pays in the end I think and you improve, quality over quantity. That said some people are quick and brilliant, I’m just not one of them!

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      1. Yeah I find it an inter sting balance because I’m both a collector and a gamer. So for instance, when I come to paint all my Zulu Warriors and red coats I think I’ll be smashing them out fairly quickly. I want them to look good but not necessarily highly detailed. Whereas with CoffinWood I want each character/figure to be painted as best I can

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  6. Well I just pictured hell! Painting yellow along with red stripes!! Great work, don’t know how you managed to keep them looking good and even, going to have to change your nick to the The Indomitable Master! 😉

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