Diorama Lite – Reaper “Cheiton, Dwarf Hero” (Part 2 – Final)

This week was an easy week in the sense that I really only needed to paint the figure.  He’s a nice little 28mm Reaper mini with quite a lot of detail and he had a pretty good pose for a chap standing outside his doorway before he goes off to hit some poor unfortunate over the head.  Dwarfs I am given to understand can be a bit like that.

I had already left a suitable whole in the base for positioning the figure so other than some minor adjustments and a few touch ups there was very little else to do.  Overall I am pleased with the outcome but I hope over time my imagination will inspire greater things but you have to start somewhere.  For me identifying nice figures holds the key and I have a few already lined up so we will see where we end up.  For now though the journey has begun.

Images below.



21 thoughts on “Diorama Lite – Reaper “Cheiton, Dwarf Hero” (Part 2 – Final)

  1. He’s just locked up the door to his mine, and he’s heading to the pub for a nice throat cleansing ale or three.

    The finished product looks great, as do all your models. But I’m a little partial to dwarves, so I like this one even more. Well done. I really like how you have given him a dash of colour, given that dwarves are often painted quite drab and a little dour.

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  2. Excellent finish to the piece TIM, when looking at the scene all I could hear was OY ! What do you mean I’m late ! Everything in the scene works effortlessly and good to hear you’ve found more models to inspire more of these

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  3. This came out really well and makes you think, where is the dwarf headed? I like the sculpt and pose of the dwarf. It fits this little scene very nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing more little projects like this as you have the time and desire.

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