The “Wood Elf King”

Initially I had planned for this to be a two part post under the banner of “Diorama Lite” but for that to have happened I really needed to have taken some work in progress photos!  As it happens I did manage to take a couple but nowhere near enough to justify a second installment so I soldiered on and decided to complete the figure and post it finished instead.

The first of the two progress pictures I took shows the “tree” attached to the base and partly painted.  Not exactly an inspired basing decision as I figured a Wood Elf needed to be positioned in the woods.

The next work in progress image is of the elf himself, a 28mm Reaper figure.  I decided the back of his cloak warranted some work on it rather than just leaving it plain.

Thereafter the figure was just a paint job and the base itself was added to slightly.  Some scatter was applied along with some tufts and I used some tea leaves on the tree to simulate ivy.  Hopefully the overall image conveys a wood elf in the woods!

Images of the completed model below.



26 thoughts on “The “Wood Elf King”

  1. Excellent work on this wood elf. As a lover of the pointy-ears I might be slightly biased but I think this came out really well. I love the freehand on the cloak as well. Great job another Lite Diorama. WIP images or no, this has been a really enjoyable series thus far ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I looked at this and the first thing that popped in my head was โ€˜caw cawโ€™. I mean itโ€™s not even the sound that bird would make but now I canโ€™t shift it from my head! Great piece as always ๐Ÿ‘

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  3. Bloody lovely mate! the colours are all perfect and that tree IRO cut down for you is pretty realistic! I have to say the use of tea leaves for ivy is clever! question did you paint them after you had stuck them on ore do you do it somehow before you use them?

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