Shalelu, Elf Ranger – Reaper

This last week has seen my mood lifted for no reason whatsoever that I can put my finger on.  I would like to report that the weather in blighty has been fantastic, that I have had a Covid-19 vacine and that naked women have thrown themselves at me (again!) demanding that I make them with child.  Alas however none of this is true, well except the last bit, there is a bit of truth in that.  OK there isn’t, I’m lying.  In any event my spirits have lifted somewhat and for that I am grateful.

Reinvigorated for reasons unknown I settled down and painted this little female elf ranger from Reaper, a 28mm figure who goes by the name of Shalelu.  I rather liked painting this one and decided there was a bit of an opportunity for some freehand work on the back of her cloak.  Just a few squiggles really but I felt they provided a bit of interest.

Images below.



27 thoughts on “Shalelu, Elf Ranger – Reaper

  1. Nice squiggles there mate πŸ˜‰, lovely bit of freehand work that, nice figure all round, and so nice to see an Elf too! I can’t see anybody not being pleased tom see an Elf on your blogπŸ˜‰!

    Oh and naked women are the worst aren’t they!! 😁

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Damn, TIM. I was hoping you’d gotten the shot then. Not “gotten shot” – that can be a bit different. :O
    Anywho – good to hear you’ve had a nice time the last week, and that’s a bloody nice little elf-lass you’ve painted there. Those fantastic pinstriping skills of yours have transferred across to cloak-vined very convincingly. πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks TIM. Dad’s health stuff is ongoing (back into the hospital for another hopefully just overnight procedure on Monday next week) but things have settled a little thankfully.

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  3. A few squiggles he says?! You don’t want to see what happens when I do squiggles, a bloody mess!

    Looks nice and the hair is so vibrant. Did you use oils for her hair or acrylics?

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  4. Imagination is always great but not when it turns in to delusions of grandeur haha. As you know I don’t like elves so it’s been nice knowing you mate, take care and all the best……….

    Ok I’m happy to give you another chance but go easy on the elves mate. Haha. Seriously though, really great job. The freehand is top notch. Funny how you look for a way of incorporating freehand but I shy away from it haha. Well done sir.

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    1. Haha, thought you’d love the elf! πŸ˜‰ As a general rule I just buy figures I like and think will be fun to do and this one just happened to be an elf. Can’t rule out more but I don’t have an elf thing going on so you can relax on that score. Yea, I’m big on this freehand thing at the moment. Got some interesting ones coming up hopefully. Like I said in our chat, it’s how I try to make my figures, along with a little bit of base work, unique as I am not a converter. 😊

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  5. Well that opening paragraph gave me a good laugh πŸ˜€ Its great to see another fantasy miniature from you and the freehand looks great on the cloak! You did a great job working in a lot of different colors on this lass as well. It is hard with elves because greens and browns are usually the easy part but slipping some other colors, especially bold ones like red and purple and keeping it all looking natural is no small feat!

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    1. Thank you. Not sure if I have said this before but for me it is now mainly all about the figure these days and not so much the genre. If I like the pose, can see an opportunity to practice and add some freehand, then the chances are it is going to appeal to me to do.

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      1. You might have mentioned it but I think a lot of painters, including myself, tend to develop habits and get comfortable painting a particular genre of mini and so they paint lots of the same thing and truthfully, that is a disservice and limits your growth as a painter. So I think the way you paint minis and refuse to allow yourself to get boxed in to one genre is commendable!

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  6. She’s lovely mate – the hair and eyes are fab, and the cloak is amazeballs!! She would’ve been perfect for Fembruary, but alas, thine bolt has been shot too early I fear!!

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