“Halvdan” – A 28mm Hasslefree Figure

Lockdown in the UK continues and will do so for some considerable time, weeks if not months.  As with the previous ones I am reliant on the hobby to help see me through the dark days.  The blog and the miniatures will hopefully keep me busy enough to pass the time until it is my turn to receive a vaccination and the prospect thereafter of a new world.  So far this strategy is proving to be successful and this week saw me pick up another Hasslefree figure to sink my teeth into.  

This little chap is from the Hasslefree fantasy human range and goes by the name of Halvdan.  When it comes to figures I do like a nice simple standing pose and the key feature of this one for me is the angle of the head.  The tilt might be minor but is makes such a big difference in my opinion.  To me the guy looks like he is tired, either from walking, fighting or working and is in a reflective mood.  A great sculpt I think and a joy to paint.

As for the painting and the base work I don’t have a great deal to say.  I went for muted colours and simply chose green because I had done a lot of blue lately!  That’s about as deep as my thinking goes at times.

Images below.




28 thoughts on ““Halvdan” – A 28mm Hasslefree Figure

      1. To be honest Dave I hadn’t, but their new range popped up on Kickstarter and I had a mooch at their website. I am going to go for some of the villagers and Halflings villagers as they will be useful in Wargames term.

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  1. I like how grounded in realism this sculpt is and your painting does it a great service as well. I agree that he does look a bit tired and that tells a story. I think you did a nice job basing this mini which is something not to be missed among all of the nice painting 🙂

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  2. You’ve done a great job here. His head tilt is nicely augmented by the way you did the face – really can see his contemplative mood. Love the leather work – you excel at that. Nice to see you back in the groove (figure painting wise – though your dioramas are a mountain of eye Candy too).

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  3. Excellent man. The face is exceptionally good. Good strategy for the lockdown. My Aunt Jenny lives in the UK and got the vaccine recently. She had a bit of a negative response from it, like got the sweats etc, but only for a day or two. She herself said she’s grateful for it.

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  4. Cheers IRO. My sons has had the vaccine now as has his girlfriend who works for the NHS. She had a slight reaction but my son was fine. My mum and dad have had theirs too and had no reaction . As for me and SWMBO we won’t get ours for at least another couple of months so still plenty more lockdown to endure.


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