Dio-Bolical Monday No: 11 – “The Wizard’s Tower” – Part 2

At the end of last week I managed to make a tiny start on the top section of the tower so I thought I would stick with that and see how much more I could get done.

The top piece comprises essentially of a circular room and the turret.  As with the rest of the model it is highly detailed both inside and out.  Unpainted but assembled the three main parts look like this.


I started on the inner piece last week and managed to get both the inside and outside of it finished this week.  As you can see from the two photos below there is a lot of detail, particularly on the windows.  The leaded framework on the windows simply took an age to paint on the five windows inside and out and then there was the door to do and the walls as well.  It was painted mainly using acrylics and oil washed for the walls.  The windows were painted in the same way as referenced in part 1 last week.


In situ this piece looks like this.  A lot of work for a piece that as you can see will be pretty concealed.  That said I will probably not glue the turret in place.  It fits perfectly and doesn’t need any filler of any sort and by leaving it that way it will be possible to then look inside.  It will also make transportation easier as well.


I decided my next step would be to start on the turret.  So far I have managed to get some paint on the inside.  The thing with this model is it is huge and it takes a fair bit of time to paint each piece.  I should also mention I am a brush guy.  An airbrush would have speeded the process up but I don’t own one and for now at least have no plans to buy and use one.  


That’s as much as I got done this week.  The aim for the next one is to get the turret finished and then make a start on the lower piece.  If I manage to get that done I might assemble the tower and get a rough idea of exactly where I am at that point.

As impressive as this tower is I am hoping the base work when I get to it will be the making of this diorama along with the couple of figures I have planned.  Before I get started on them though there is a great deal more to do on the tower.


29 thoughts on “Dio-Bolical Monday No: 11 – “The Wizard’s Tower” – Part 2

  1. Outstanding again, the wood in the final shot looks almost real. Incredibly daunting project, just looking at it makes me want to shove it to the back of the painting desk and concentrate on something smaller for a few years! Glad you’re a braver man than me though because I’m really looking forward to seeing this done. 🙂 Like the idea of being able to lift the turret off to reveal the room inside (it’s so well painted it would be a waste not to) – will you be furnishing it at all?

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    1. Thank you. Now that I am well into it I’m not finding it quite so daunting. I’m also fluctuating between this and a few figures here and there just to break things up a bit and I’m finding that is working well. I’m still thinking about furniture but in truth the actual room is not that big so I’m not sure I could get much in there to make it worth while. For now I am erring on no furniture but as along as I don’t glue things down I am free to change my mind. 🙂

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      1. I’d love to see some bookcases in there, being a Wizards tower and all. WizKids had some, I just finished painting them awhile ago, but still need to varnish, take pics, etc. but they are more in the lines of gaming terrain, and I imagine you would make/hunt down something even cooler.

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      2. Aw, that’s too bad. So instead, how about in the diorama you’ve got some movers, and they are huffing the bookcase over to the Wizards Tower?!

        Just kidding, just kidding! I have a feeling after you get done, it’s going to be pretty damned amazing even without the furniture.

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  2. Well, when you said “Wizards Tower”, I was thinking some old stone tower (or maybe just a section of it) with a Wizard mini. Had no idea it would be on this scale. You bit off a big chunk there!

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  3. The windows in the interior are just excellently painted. That must not of been easy as it looks like you would’ve had to paint them at an awkward angle. The wood grain is stunningly gorgeous. I think this will be one of your masterpieces for sure. Loving the WIP and hope that you are enjoying painting this as much as I am looking at it Dave. Very impressive!

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  4. Off to an excellent start! The sculpt is so nice that seeing you color it in with paint is wonderful to see. Looking forward to seeing more progress as you get around to it. I’d say take your time with it and push your skills as much as you can since your storage space is dwindling and this project is really ambitious and cool even now before you’ve applied your artistic vision to it 🙂

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