Will Scarlet & Little John

The 28mm Baron’s War range by Footsore Miniatures doesn’t just comprise of knights in armour although you can be forgiven for thinking it does as so far that is all I have posted.  The range, in addition to Archers and Spearman etc also features Outlaws based on the legend and stories of Robin Hood.  I think the Baron’s War game features, or will feature, scenarios where the outlaws come together with the Sheriff of Nottingham (a future figure in the latest kickstarter) in some way or another but I’m not a gamer so I don’t have a clue.  I am only really interested in the figures at this stage but one day maybe I’ll take a look at the game.

As to the figures themselves I thought I needed a little break from knights and thought that perhaps you did too.  The Two figures come as a pair so I painted them alongside one another and that’s about as close as I plan to come to batch painting.  I rather like the Little John figure (right) but in truth I wasn’t that much taken with the Will Scarlet one (left).  There is something about the pose and sculpted face that doesn’t quite work for me but I’ll leave it there.  I’m certainly no sculptor myself and never feel comfortable being critical of anyone whose skill base is way above my level.

On the painting front I went for muted colours on Little John but a bit brighter on Will Scarlet.  With a name like that I have always thought of the character as being a bit more flamboyant.  In truth I suspect “scarlet” was a a reference to being ginger!

Images below.





26 thoughts on “Will Scarlet & Little John

  1. Very nice – I see what you mean about Will, he’s a bit too leery, but still looks great. Are you doing the whole band? They’d make lovely skirmishers/scouts/ hunters for your grand army 😉

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    1. Yea, Will doesn’t quite work for me. I’ve got Robin and Marion to do, all part of the Baron’s War range but I think outlaws and Sheriff of Nottingham figures are due out with release three in September(?). If I’ve made decent progress on the huge pile I have to work through still then l may well buy these.🙂

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  2. Great work on both TIM, Little John, looks a bit like Brian Blessed in his face so could imagine him booming out orders. The problem I see with Will, other than the pose, is where the face is positioned in the hood, it’s too far out, making his head look larger than it should be. It was probably done to make casting easier, but would have been better being sunk back into the hood.

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  3. Really nice figures and painted expertly of course. Little John is my favourite and he actually looks like the Little John from the Kevin Costner Robin Hood movie. PS. I would never ever get sick of Knights, especially when they’re painted by you 👍🏼

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  4. Am I the only person who’s going to stand up for Will Scarlet? I like him, sure he has a funny looking face but then again so do I 😉 Anyway, great work on both of them, you’ll have to get the rest of the crew when they’re released in September. 

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  5. Very nice job on these and you’ve got my attention because I didn’t know Footsore was going to be adding Robin Hood to their mini line. I talked months ago about how there should be a Robin Hood wargame and this goes a long way towards addressing that. I might just have to pop over and take a look at Baron’s War now 😀

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  6. Lovely painting, and a subject I’ve been tempted by many times, but not yet pulled the trigger!

    As Dave said I also instantly saw Brian “WHAT” Blessed in little John, nice figure that, and yes I can see what you mean about Will Scarlett, though I never see him with a beard, perhaps that’s it?

    Cheers Roger.

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  7. I’m with the lads! Johnny’s OK but Willy boy is not the image I have had in my mind ever since I purchased the Airfix set all those years ago! If you look ate the PSR site you will see that he is second from the left ,second bottom row thrusting with his sword!! Airfix couldn’t get it wrong!!

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  8. They look great, nice colour choices on both. Just done Little John and I have Will Scarlet and Marion to do (found your page while looking for inspiration for painting Will). I’m OK with the Will sculpt, but agree it’s not as strong as the others.

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    1. Thank you. The Will sculpt isn’t so bad, just seemed to fall short when compared to the others I felt. All in all an excellent range of figures though. I’ve done about 70 now but am struggling to keep up with the new releases and the third kickstarter will be out soon too. Not the worst problem in the world and it keeps me occupied! Thanks for looking. 🙂


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