Sire Huge Thalemache

This week I managed to complete another mounted knight, this one based on the heraldry of Sire Huge Thalemache.  Now, in anticipation of the obvious question, no I don’t know if he was huge.  Given his father was Sire Justin Thalemache, so called because he had a one inch willy, I expect he was named Huge in an effort to play down his genetic appendage.

So, what can I tell you about this particular figure?  Well two things spring to mind.  Firstly, the sculpt, as with all the Footsore Baron’s War range, is excellent with minimal clean up required.  Secondly, the paint scheme I went for was, how can I put it, a complete pain in the arse!  To be fair it wasn’t that bad but it was very time consuming and was a further reminder that each mounted knight will take a while to paint, especially if I continue with schemes similar to this one.

The good news is that’s my third mounted knight done, the bad news is I have 15 more to do and Footsore recently released another 4 or 5 mounted figures.  Still lots more figures to paint before I worry to much about buying any more so I’ll concern myself about that much further down the line.

Meanwhile images of Sire Huge below.



38 thoughts on “Sire Huge Thalemache

  1. Wow, talk about doing it the tough way!! Kudos to you mate, that amount of cheques on wavey surfaces is definitely doing things on hard mode. Looks brilliant though so worth the effort I’d say!

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  2. Wow, what a great job you’ve done on that heraldry! I can barely paint straight lines LOL! Sir Huge (maybe he was named by the local wenches?) and his horse look amazing, and it’s just occurred to me that a lot of those lines were done over curved surfaces, which is an even greater accomplishment.

    Some commiserations on there being 15 more to do, but it has to be more interesting than painting 15 Space Marines the same shade of blue, right? 🙂

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    1. Thank you Fi, being a mounted figure it might be a bit big for your place! 😉 I gather you are now safe and sound and back with your mum and dad. Hope you get settled quickly if you haven’t already and trust you had a great birthday. 🙂

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  3. The heraldry looks very nice indeed. Well worth the effort, in my opinion. After the bright colors on some of the early knights, its cool to see a darker colored one. This guy looks pretty intimidating to me as a result! 🙂

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  4. Another exceptionally well-painted mini, excellent. Love the pattern and as others have rightly written to do so over a horse’s curved surface (let alone the knight) is a magnificent achievement. Your army should be worth its weight in gold.

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