TIM – The Imperfect Modeller

Welcome to TIM – The Imperfect Modeller.

Most of my modelling is geared to the Old West but occasionally a figure comes along which catches my eye and I’m happy to give that a go.

In terms of scale I paint 28mm to 54mm figures although my dioramas tend to be exclusively 28mm due to size constraints.

As this is my first blog and my first post I thought it best to start with some images of my work. In future posts I will describe some of these and other models in greater detail and refer to techniques used  and also list materials and suppliers.

Please feel free to comment and ask any questions.

Thank you for looking.


20170322_120536 20170322_115153

Left – Andrea Miniatures 54mm Cavalry Trooper; Right – Gringo 40s One Eyed Trail Boss


Custers Last Stand – 54mm Andrea Miniatures

Andrea Miniatures 54mm Mountain Man


Wargames Foundry 28mm Old West Men in the Wilderness (and below left)

Right – Dixon Miniatures 28mm Old West Figures


Dixon Miniatures 28mm Old West figures and stage coach (above and below).  The building, which has been heavily modified, is by Sarissa Precision


Above and below – Dixon Miniatures 28mm Old West figures featuring their Chuck Wagon.  Three of the figures have had minor conversions.



Gunfight at the OK Coral featuring Dixon Miniatures 28mm Old West figures with two minor conversions and scratch built buildings.


Under Attack – Diorama featuring Dixon Miniatures Old West Indians and US Army 28mm figures.


Diorama featuring Artizan 28mm Rail Worker figures, Sarissa Precision Old West Locomotive and scratch built Freight Depot.

Left – a break from the Old West but same era different continent!  Beneito Miniatures 54mm Rorke’s Drift.  Right – Dixon Miniatures Confederate Soldier, the first figure in a new diorama.

One thought on “TIM – The Imperfect Modeller

  1. These figures, the attention to detail and your patience to create such fine dioramas, are a credit to you. I’m looking forward to seeing many more of them in the future. Regards, Alan.


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