Materials – Introduction

There are two stages I typically go through before I start modelling.  The first is deciding what I am going to model and this usually involves an element of research either online or through reference books and magazines to gain inspiration.  The Second stage is to determine what items I can buy to construct my model and which items I may have to scratch build or modify in some way.

Over time we all identify our preferred suppliers and pick up various tips and techniques which have helped us to produce our models.  I am no different and under the MATERIALS menu I aim to list suppliers, tips and any research materials which I have found most useful and that others might too.

Some people will argue that there is a wrong way and a right way to do certain things. This may well be true but for me the important thing is to be pleased with your own work. Practice makes perfect as they say and I for one have a need to practice a lot more!

For those of you who read this I hope you find it useful.

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