On The Work Bench – Scratch Built Wire Tree (part 2)

Having allowed the All Purpose Filler mixed with PVA to dry the next step using a sharp tool (I use my modelling knife) is to scratch some lines into the trunk of the tree in order to create a better bark effect when painted.  Once done it’s time to paint the tree starting with the underside first.

The paints I use are Winton and Newton oils – Burnt Umber, Ivory Black, Burnt Sienna and Titanium White.  The first application applied was Burnt Umber, diluted with white spirit to create a wash which nicely soakes into the filler.  This was followed by a wash of black, mostly applied to the shadow areas, then followed by a wash of Burnt Sienna with emphasis on the upper outside branches.  Titanium White was dry brushed to provide highlights.


Almost there with the painting

With the paining complete the next step is to add the smaller branches which will take the leaves in due course.  For these smaller branches I use small pieces of “Seafoam Trees” available from Gaugemaster.  Bit by bit these are added to complete a full canopy.


Small “Seafoam” branches added to complete canopy

The final step is to add the leaves.  For this I use “Leaf Foliage” by “Noch” which comes in a variety of colours allowing for a nice mix of trees if you are aiming to have several in a display or reflect other times of the year such as Autumn.  The tree canopy is sprayed with a strong hold Hairspray and the leaves sprinkled on. Typically I find this process needs to be done several times in order for the leaves to create clumps and create a finish that I am happy with.


The Final Tree

Essentially the tree is finished but as I intend to use this one on a diorama the roots will need to be worked on once again along with the appropriate ground work being added too.   It will be a while until the diorama is complete but when it is I will post some images of the tree in its final state.





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