A Second 28mm Knight in Shining Armour

I mentioned in my last post that I had a second knight to paint and put together and over the last week I’ve managed to get it completed.  The figure came from 1st Corps and I have to say that the quality of their castings are fantastic.  Their figures are mostly for historical periods which have little or no interest to me but they do have some WW1 figures which I will look at more closely.

Overall I’m pleased with the way this one worked out too but I have a number of model ideas going around in my head so I think it may be a while before I do something with knights again.  If I do then I think I’ll most likely check out the Norman period.  My view on decals hasn’t changed, they feel too much like a cheat, but I enjoyed dabbling all the same.  I was a kid back in the 60’s (anybody else remember seeing Ivanhoe with Robert Taylor?) and I can recall using decals on Airfix planes but until now hadn’t used them since.  Applying them to flat surfaces was easy as best I can recall but these knights proved more of a challenge due to the various folds on the castings.  It was made easier when I discovered Micro Set and Micro Sol decal softeners.

Images of the completed figure appear below.

So what next?

Figures for a second 28mm WW1 diorama have arrived and I expect to start on that shortly.  A 54mm RAF Pilot has also arrived in the post so I’ll get underway on that one too although at a first it looks like I’m going to have a lot of trouble with that one.  It’s not cast in the way I had anticipated so assembling and painting it will be awkward I think.  Both these models are needed for next years Plymouth show which is remembering 100 years of both WW1 and the RAF.  Hopefully they will come together OK.   I’ll need to do a few others as well so plenty or research needed as well.

I’m also pining for the Old West and have decided to build a town scene consisting of about a dozen buildings or so.  I was pleased with my last foray (Wells Fargo Way Station – Building Project No: 6) as it was entirely scratch built and my aim is to self build all of the buildings this time around.  I’m also keen to construct the insides for several of the buildings too and add lighting to some as well.  It all needs a great deal of thinking and planning at this stage and I need to find figures as well and avoid using them more than once unless I can adapt them of course.  Should keep me going through the English winter which started early this year, stopped for one day in May, another day in June and continued every day until now.  Crap weather for outside chores but great for modelling!




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