28mm WW1 Diorama (No: 2)

This week saw my second mini WW1 Diorama completed and off the work bench.  The good news is I now have two items for next years Plymouth show, the bad news (or I guess good news too as I enjoy my modelling) is that I’ve got about another 10 exhibits to do!

Not a great deal to say about this model.  The figures were all purchased from Empress Miniatures (Mutton Chop WW1 range) and are some of the best figures in 28mm scale that I have seen.  I’d recommend these figures to anyone else out there who is interested in WW1 they really are excellent.  No adjustments were made to the figures, just the simple case of painting, composing and a bit of base work.  The enamel badge, actually a remembrance lapel badge, was bought on Ebay for a couple of pounds to complete the base.

I did paint these figures slightly different from my other WW1 diorama.  In both instances I put down base coats in Vallejo acrylics but on the first diorama I added a top coat in oils.  On this model I applied a second coat of acrylic followed by an oil paint wash, the oil paint diluted using White Spirit.  I’ve tried using water based washes but personally I’m not a big fan.  It might be the way I use them but the water based washes run off too much for my liking whereas an oil paint wash is absorbed into the acrylic and in my opinion gives a better looking finish.  Each to their own I guess.  In any event I’ll leave those that look at this post to judge for themselves.

Pictures of the final diorama appear below.




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