“It Will All Be Over By Christmas” – WW1 28mm Diorama (Part 1)

“It will all be over by Christmas” – well at least that’s what many of those brave men thought when they enlisted following Britain declaring war on Germany.  The truth was far different of course.

In my last post I mentioned my aim of trying to put together a modelling timeline of significant WW1 moments with the intention of creating a few depicting less obvious images of the time.  Life in the trenches is the image most people think of when reflecting upon the Great War and rightly so but there are others too which I (and perhaps it is ony me!) think are relevant.

The idea behind this latest model is the enlistment and recruitment of the civilian men into the armed forces of the day.  Only when I looked into this a bit more did it get me thinking about how significant I felt this was.  There was the obvious bravado of young (and old) men thinking it truly would be over by Christmas and that all they had to do was give the “bosh” a bash on the nose.  What I hadn’t appreciated until I googled images of recruitment posters was the level of propaganda. No punches were pulled in implying you were a coward if you didn’t sign up!

All in all it certainly made me wonder just what would happen in this day and age.  Would the people of today sign up quite so readily to be lambs to the slaughter?  Hopefully we will never know.  Nevertheless this is definitely a topic for a deep and meaningful conversation to have after consuming large quantities of alcohol!  I digress, back to the modelling.

So, having decided on the subject for the model I set about trying to find appropriate figures.  Civilian figures as I think I may have mentioned before present a challenge, too few out there on the market.  That said I came up trumps having found some great figures by Footsore miniatures.  Military figures proved easier to find and so before too long I was getting started.

Painting the figures is well underway and a rough outline of the diorama is floating around in my head (I never work to plans or drawings – perhaps I should?).  All things being well the diorama will be finished next week but in the meanwhile a few figure images to be going on with along with sneak preview of the base work.



3 thoughts on ““It Will All Be Over By Christmas” – WW1 28mm Diorama (Part 1)

  1. I’m assuming you have seen Blackadder Goes Fourth? They’re always taking the piss out of the propaganda and there’s always that realisation of the hard truth behind the clever jokes. The minis look great. Can’t wait to see the finished piece


    1. Blackadder Goes Fourth is a brilliant series. Well written and with more than a little truth behind those “cunning” jokes. Not sure about the accuracy of Flash but Melchett as a spoof of Field Marshall Haig is fantastic. Read a litte on Haig and have just completed a figure of him which I might post. From what i can gather the guy was an idiot, hence the phrase “lions led by lambs”. Loving this period but the reality is shocking. As always appreciate the feedback. All the best.

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