On The Work Bench – Building Project No: 7 – Part 4

For various reasons, not all of them to do with modelling, this has been a busy week.  It’s also been a week in which I realised I have a great deal to do in the coming weeks and months and less time to achieve it in than I would have liked.  Failing to deliver on numerous commitments is not an option I want to consider so I’m  left with little alternative but to get my finger out!  With this in mind I managed to make progress on this diorama and, as an added bonus, managed to complete a vignette that had taken a back seat over the last couple of weeks.  Details on the vignette will follow as a separate post shortly after I hit the publish button on this one.

A few finishing touches were needed to the building itself, one of which was painting the filler that I had been placed at both ends of the “drinking straw” ridge tiles and had simply forgotten to do. I also completed the wire aperture for the tree which will feature and also managed to get the filler added to it along with the first few coats of paint.  Hopefully the tree will be completed this week.  A few figures have also been completed and all the others are well on the way.

The diorama when complete will also feature a small barn/shed.  The main significance of this building being to provide the “walk through” between it and the main a house for the British troops, something which will make far more sense when the diorama is complete.  I’ve managed to get the walls done, the roof made and the painting done but the door still needs to be attached which will happen once the building has been fixed to the base and the ground work has been built up around it.

The barn/shed itself was made using foam board on this occasion. The board was clad inside and out using coffee stirrers.  The roof was made using a tool I acquired from”Green Stuff World” for making corrugated panels using metal foil.  This was the first time of using this tool and it wasn’t quite as easy as I’d hoped.  In the end I found it worked better if you turned the key slower. Although I didn’t think I’d been turning it quickly the metal kept going off at an angle.  In itself this wasn’t much of a problem but it meant I had to square up each sheet that had passed through and that produced a lot of waste metal foil which wasn’t particularly cheap to buy. I shall definitely being looking at alternative materials to use In the future but the tool did produce a good result.

The nice thing about using the metal foil for the roof was when it came to weathering it after initial coats of paint had been applied.  Simply scratching away some of the paint exposed the metal beneath and produced a nice result along with the addition of a few applications of Humbrol Rust weathering powder.

If I’m lucky I hope to have this one finished in a couple of weeks.  The figures need to be completed along with the tree and numerous other bits and pieces but the assembly will undoubtedly take a while as it will need to go together in stages in order to access individual areas for  fixing and painting.  In the meanwhile I  need to get ready for the Plymouth Model Clubs annual competition on Monday (my first) as well as this year’s first show which will be at Bovington in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully both will prove to be fun.

Latest progress photos below.









6 thoughts on “On The Work Bench – Building Project No: 7 – Part 4

    1. Glad you like it. There is a web site called Green Stuff World that do a lot of neat tools. Type in “corrugator” in the search field and you will find the tool I used. After that it’s just metal/tin foil (even cardboard can be used) and a paint job.


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