On The Work Bench – Building Project No: 7 – Part 5

This week was all about finishing various scenic bits and pieces but mainly completing the figure painting.  I had hoped to complete the diorama assembly too but alas life caught up with me and so that will have to wait until next week.  All being well this is the penultimate post for this diorama.

The figures were all painted in Vallejo acrylics with oil paint washes. The figures were from Empress Miniatures, Great War Miniatures, Gripping Beast – The Woodbine series and from a company in Belgium who supplied the rural types.

This coming Saturday I’m off to my first show of the year being held at the Bovington Tank Museum in Poole , Dorset and am hoping to take the completed model with me so whatever happens I do need to get it finished! I doubt anyone who reads this is likely to be at Bovington but if you are then please come and say hello!

In the meanwhile some photos of the finished figures.



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