The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 2)

Have you ever had one of those weeks when everything you do and everything you touch turns to gold?  No, neither have I.  In fact this week has been the complete opposite of a Midas week and I’ll leave you to determine just what everything I have touched has turned into.

Welcome to this week’s Musings.

This Weeks Objectives

I thought I would start by focussing on my aims for this week, chiefly for my benefit so I don’t get side tracked. Normally the order I work in doesn’t particularly matter, mainly because end dates, if any, are self-imposed and therefore entirely flexible. However, the WW1 project that I keep banging on about is the first time I’ve ever made a modelling commitment to anyone but myself and I’m determined to stay focused. My primary aim therefore is to fulfil my promise of last week which is to complete another unfinished WW1 model by the end of this week which will bring the end of the project in sight.

Having achieved last week’s aims I thought I deserved to reward myself, it’s only right and proper to have an incentive. To this end I have ordered various figures and also begun a little WW2 diorama for which I purchased the figures before Christmas.  As this model will possibly be a post for the coming weekend I’ll not bore you with more details at this stage.

Female Figures (and civilian figures too)

Those who follow Azazel, and I’m guessing most of us do, will have seen his recent post questioning the lack of female figures.  To be honest this is something I had just accepted without question in much the same way that I simply accepted the shortage of civilian figures too.  My logic, particularly given the historic periods that appeal to me, was that women and passers-by simply do not feature in war and therefore war games and figures.  Bollocks really but that’s as much thought as I had ever given the matter until now.

In mulling over the matter I was reminded of two incidents which took place on a visit I made to Euromilitaire, Folkestone with my brother Alan many years ago.  The first occurred when looking at a table containing Phoenix Follies figures.  I don’t know if they are still in existence but Andrea do something similar.  Basically they are figures of scantily clad females in titillating poses aimed presumably at perverts.

Why perverts?  well the guy standing next to me, not my brother, said “they’re nice aren’t they?”.  “Yes” said I not wishing to be rude.  “when I paint them I always do the underwear before I paint their clothes over the top” he went on to say.  “Uh! What the f…” said I and quickly moved on.  The point of this tale is that as best I can remember these were the only female figures I saw at this huge event.  Whilst things may not be great now some progress has been made since those dark days, or at least I would like to think so.

My other memory was of the trade stand for Hornet figures.  Hornet had not long before brought out a Wild West range of figures which at the time stood at 12 figures.  Talking to the guy he told me that another 6 were due to be released but the remaining 6 of the 24 series would mostly likely never see the light of day (and they haven’t).  Naturally I asked him why and was told that for every Wild West figure he sold he could sell 40 WW2 figures.  Quiet simply it was all about supply and demand which leads me to think the same could be true for female (and civilian) figures too.  Of course there is a chicken and egg situation here as well.  If there are no figures then you can’t buy them!

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Those that follow IRO will presumably have seen his post last week of a western themed project/challenge under the heading The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

Now the old west is not everyone’s cup of tea, and of course the challenge doesn’t have to be met in the traditional style, but given my interest in this period I cannot say no. I suspect I will go traditional if I can find the figures I want out there, hopefully I can.

The obvious thing is to go down the route of the film of that title featuring of course Clint Eastwood, and this I may well do, but then I got to thinking who in silver screen Hollywood terms was the “Goodest” cowboy, the “baddest” and the “Ugliest”?

My brother is the font of all knowledge on these things so I will discuss the matter further with him. If nothing else I’ll be interested to see if he can come up with anyone “gooder” than Alan Ladd in Shane – but is there a figure out there?

Goodbye Old Friend

Sadly this week I had to say goodbye to an old friend, my Renaissance Pro Arte No: 1 Sable paint brush.  Despite the fact that I buy the same brushes in the same various sizes and from the same supplier some seem to work better than others. This brush had become a firm favourite and seemed to apply paint where I needed it without fuss or protest, a true friend indeed.  Sadly nothing lasts forever so now the task of breaking in a new brush begins. Like a new puppy it wants to please but simply doesn’t understand.


Until next time!


6 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 2)

  1. Like the musings! It’ll probably surprise you, but I have a handful of old west figures (avery small handful mind you) and two of them are female! The fact that they are 20mm scale is probably most surprising, given their age, or maybe it’s the fact that they’re painted! So I’ll maybe try and remember where they are and dig them out and take some pics!


  2. I’ll look forward to seeing the pics in due course if you manage to find them. Female figures do appear to be scarce. The two I used in my “Daddy’s Home” model came from Belgium of all places! Glad you like the musings.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought about the Duke but anyone who starts life going by the name Marion is a concern. I always liked James Stewart myself and it’s tempting to recall Blazing Saddles and the revenance to the one and only “Randolf Scott”! You new he was good guy because he wore a white hat. Ah the memories!


  4. I guess the thing to consider for manufacturers is whether a range or figure will “sell well enough”, rather than “sell the best”. I recognise that for smaller manufacturers they theoretically have a lot more riding on each release, but that can depend a lot on whether they do their own casting in-house as well. Not everything can sell like Space Marines or WWII Germans, after all.

    Liked by 1 person

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