28mm – WW2 US Winter Troops – Part 3

The concluding part of this little diorama.  With only the snow to be added I didn’t feel I could justify hanging onto this post until the weekend.

Figures fixed into position, all parts painted and assembled and ground work complete.  All that remained to be done was to apply the snow.

I mentioned in part 1 that I had acquired scenic snow materials from a company called Precision Ice and Snow.  A few words on what came in the bundle I bought, and before anyone asks no, I’m not on commission!

The various bits can all be bought separately or you can save quite a  bit by buying a bundle which is what I chose to do.  Everything arrived in a nice little draw string bag which contained:

  • 2 x 115g bags of Krycell fine (snow) for use with smaller scale models such as 28mm
  • 1 x 115g bag of Krycell Extra (snow) for use with larger models  – 1/35th upwards
  • 1 x 100ml bottle of adhesive
  • 1 x 50ml bottle of Ice and Snow wash
  • 1 x 50 tub of winter camouflage paint
  • 1 x sieve for applying the snow
  • 1 x instruction manual

All in all enough to do all the models in snow that I am likely to ever do.  The instruction book is great and there are various YouTube tutorials too if that’s of interest so I won’t bother going into greater detail.  Just to say that I followed the instructions and achieved the end result as shown in the pictures below.

Personally I like the stuff.  Looks realistic to me and goes where you put it.  For 28mm it’s really nice and fine and I love the way it has adhered to areas like the top of the fence and to the gate and barn door.  There are lots more ways of using this stuff and I’m looking forward to coming up with some other ideas in due course.



DSC_0793DSC_0792DSC_0789DSC_0797DSC_0790DSC_0796DSC_0793DSC_0794DSC_0791DSC_0798 (2)

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