28mm WW1 Diorama – Communications Team – Part 2

Part 1 of this little diorama received a greater reaction than I anticipated with a couple of excellent comments relating to this rarely covered subject.  This, along with some pretty dreadful weather over the Easter holidays, inspired me to push on and complete the model.

The figures themselves painted up quite nicely and were all from favoured suppliers such as Gripping Beast and North Star. They are as they came with no modifications.  The ground work was completed by adding ground cover and a few more coffee stirrers for the trench effect.

Overall an enjoyable little diorama to put together and one which fits with my self-imposed brief of trying to cover lesser recognised aspects of the Great War for my timeline.  Just one model to go now, time for my own big push!

Pictures below.

Hopefully they provide sufficient detail to view the completed model but the number of figures made it hard for the camera to find a focal point close up and my own photographic skills were insufficient to compensate.


20171116_11063720171118_173749DSC_0789 (2)DSC_0791 (2)DSC_0800 (1)DSC_0801 (1)DSC_0798 (1)DSC_0794 (2)DSC_0793 (2)DSC_0792 (2)DSC_0799 (1)DSC_0795 (2)DSC_0796 (3)DSC_0797 (2)


15 thoughts on “28mm WW1 Diorama – Communications Team – Part 2

  1. Oh my goodness you are very talented. Really great stuff. The photography really carries off well too. I like the coffee mug and maps. I’d love to see a diorama with some hand to hand “fixed bayonettes” fighting.

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  2. This is so good ,the detail on the woodwork is so real I feel you might have to drop the I and change it to a B ( as in bloody brilliant modeller ) .The paint work is so good mate ,something that I am striving to achieve with my little guys and scratch buildings . To me getting the colour of wood is so difficult ,the mix of the greys and the browns is somewhat an art and you have nailed it mate .

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  3. That looks great. I always particularly enjoy “quiet” diorama pieces (possibly because most miniatures are in combat poses), and as mentioned, the small details like the coffee mug make the scene much more real and lived in. Excellent work.

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