“The Lamerton Posse” – 28mm Old West Figures – The June Challenge (Part 1)

For a variety of reasons, my dad going in to hospital with a suspected stroke being the big one, this has been a challenging week and time spent painting has been minimal.  As a consequence I didn’t think I would enter the June challenge.  War gaming looks great, I love what others are up to and I read their blogs and comment when I feel I have something to say.  I admire the gaming boards and the figure painting but I’m not into gaming myself and thus building armies etc is not my thing.  Accordingly I couldn’t see how to contribute to “June-it” against this background and the unforseen time constraints.  Then I went and had an idea – “The Lamerton Posse!”

A Posse is a unit of sorts, a gathering of men summoned by a sheriff to apprehend a wanted outlaw.  My historical genre of choice is the Old West and Lamerton is where I live in Devon so there you have it.

So far I’ve completed the first two figures (hence part 1!), albeit painted and based in to much of a rush.  I hope to hit a minimum target of five/six if I can.  The figures themselves come from Artizan and Dixon’s.  In the case of the two below both are from Artizan.  Very basic base work applied to both and painted using a combination of acrylics and oils.

Now to get my finger out and get the others done as the clock is ticking and the end of the month is nigh.  Hopefully this will prove to be a better week!

Images below.





28 thoughts on ““The Lamerton Posse” – 28mm Old West Figures – The June Challenge (Part 1)

  1. I hope things work out for your dad, firstly and most importantly.
    As for the figures – they’re looking good. You could always create a diorama base for the finished posse so that they still fir nicely into your usual display methods. A bit of flock (as you’ve used) does wonders to hide the “joins” as well.. Something like this (if the image link works)

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    1. Thanks mate. He’s doing OK for nearly 92, in fact he’s brilliant for his age. It’s not life threatening but he might have to give up driving! More running around for us as a family but he’s worth it.

      Image link works and the idea looks great. A nice compromise between a basic figure and a full blown diorama. No chance of getting it done for June-it but with a fare wind ill at least get the figures painted. Certainly something to revisit and take forward. Cheers.

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      1. Good to hear about your dad. Probably best for him to give up driving at that age, when you think about it.
        As for the figure-dio – I just meant it as a way that you can incorporate the individually-based models into your usual style of painting down the line. Getting the models done certainly completes a June-It challenge, though – dio base or no!

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      2. Your dio idea is a good and one I’ll look more closely at. As for my dad driving, I’ve been trying to get him to pack it in for the last 5 years or so at least. Trouble is he belongs to a very independent generation. If you have any plans to visit the UK in the short term I might get you to tell him! Seriously, this time I think he’s come round to the idea that it’s time to call it a day. I certainly hope so.

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  2. Thoughts are with your dad and hope he’s OK! If he’s anything like my dad was when he was in hospital last year, he’ll be enjoying being looked after by the nurses!
    Like the posse so far! You get as far as you get! I like Azazel’s ideas for a diorama base!

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    1. Thanks John, he’s doing OK and the latest news following a scan is they don’t think it’s a stroke. Good news on the one hand but a mystery on the other. He’s looking much brighter though although given how hot the nurses are that could well have something to do with it! I’m drawn between him coming home and staying in hospital as long as possible! Like you I liked Azazels diorama base idea, he never has bad ideas does he.

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    1. He’s doing OK IRO, thank you. Might be out of hospital tomorrow but looks like his days of driving are over for now at least if not permanently. Will change my life as well as his but that’s the way these things go. Takes a lot to derail his generation! The minis are nice castings by Artizan hopefully the rest will be a bit better.

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      1. Haha never looked at it that way but you’re right. My kids often ask why I’m not scared of anything? My answer is simply “I’m Rambo”. Little do they know that the only thing I fear is losing people who mean the most to me.

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      2. You can tell your dad he bloody amazing ,driving around England at 92 ,there’s no way I could ,I’m glad he is on the mend always a worry when these things happen .

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  3. Glad to hear your dads doing ok. I remember when we had to ‘take away’ my grandads car. He was more than slightly put out as he’d been a chauffeur after the war but he had become a liability on the road!

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  4. Sorry to hear about your Dad, and hope he is getting better and better.

    A Posse is a great idea, and I’m glad you didn’t sit JUNIT out. Always refreshing to see some more of your painted minis. Hard for me to believe that you don’t like in the US, with all the cool Western stuff you do. But I guess I don’t like in Necromunda land either, so there’s that!

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    1. Dad’s very much on the mend so all cool on that front now thank goodness.

      As for the US, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit on a few occasions for holidays but as with Australia and one or two other places, I would have loved to have lived in some countries for a few years at least. Unfortunately the freedom to do so no longer exists what with visas and green cards. Looks like that dream may have passed me by but you never know.

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