“The Lamerton Posse” – 28mm Old West Figures – The June Challenge (Part 2)

With the Plymouth show taking my time from this (Friday) afternoon and all day Saturday I thought I’d better post today instead of hoping to do so tomorrow and risk missing the boat and with it the June challenge deadline.

A much better week saw me manage to complete the remaining figures for the June challenge by the skin of my teeth albeit that I only achieved five figures in the end and not the six I’d hoped to do.  Not a great deal to say.  Basic figures on basic bases but enjoyable to paint all the same.  Still a little rushed but you can’t have everything!

Individual images of the three new figures below along with a group shot of all five.

Figures by Artizan and Dixon’s and painted using acrylic and oil paints.






26 thoughts on ““The Lamerton Posse” – 28mm Old West Figures – The June Challenge (Part 2)

  1. Haha, my brother would like that although we’d probably argue over who was who and then settle for the good looking one being me! The show will be what it is but you can be sure I’ll let you and everyone else know how it went!

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    1. Cheers Mark. Just been checking out the link in your comment. First time I’ve ever looked at what looks like a war gaming rule book, amazing stuff but I’d have to study it far more closely to understand it! What I did notice was the picture in there of the Gunfight at the OK Coral. I’ve seen that picture before, or one very much like it, and it was the basis for a diorama I did some while ago. Link below.


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    1. Cheers Pete. Matt black acrylic with an oil paint wash of Ivory black followed by a dry brush of grey (ivory black and titanium white, both oils) and finally a very light dry brush of just the titanium white. All applied to the highlight areas and edges.

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  2. Great work on these, glad you didn’t wait and potentially miss the post!

    Love the character in the faces. Been a long time since I’ve had to try to do striping like that, and I botched it when I did. I can’t imagine it was easy on those pants. Bravo!

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  3. Great job mate I trust the show went well , looks like I’m not the only one impressed with the stripes ,one thing I find difficult to do, I can do a passable band ,but my stripes end up more like a barbers pole !.

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  4. Cheers Pat. I’m trying to up my free hand work bit by bit but along way to go, certainly doesn’t feel natural yet that’s for sure. Show went well. Aiming to do a write up but might not be able to publish this week, too much to sort out and too little time but I’ll get there!

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  5. These guys certainly look the part. The pinstripes work very nicely as everyone else has noted as well. Soon you’ll be doing freehand tattoos. After seeing your current photo int he most recent post, I can only suggest that you grow a huge walrus moustache like #1 and #3. Do it for Movember. Or *tell* people it’s for Movember at least…

    You probably need to go here and choose something…
    Shadows of Brimstone – the miniatures game that I’ve been painting all manner of wacky and way-out stuff for actually starts off as a “Weird West” setting. I’ve been painting the expansion stuff rather than the core box stuff which is much more Western.

    If you were to find that tabletop gaming (of whatever form) takes your fancy, you can then take it further to something like Legends of the Old West. Possibly at a gaming club near you.

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    1. Given a can’t grow much hair on my head these days the moustache might be the way to go! Gaming does look interesting but then I’d have to drop something else to fit it all in. What I will do is attend a games show, I’ve pencilled in Salute for next year but there are others too.

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      1. Gaming goes with the painting. I don’t get to do nearly as much gaming as I’d like to, but it helps to give my collecting and painting some direction and structure – and can easily be done as a thing for an afternoon every week or two
        From what I understand, Salute is amazing, but it’s all about the traders and the spectacle. I’d look for a smaller one as well, and see if you can get in on a demo game.

        On a similar note, look for clubs in your local area and head down to check one out – particularly ones that have members who play more than just Warhammer. Some might meet weekly, while others may only be once a month – but people are generally quite friendly and welcoming as it seems your modelling club is, and it can be a good way to participate in a game with others.

        My first WWII gaming was when in my early 20s I was at a club and a bunch of guys playing a big WW2 battle invited me to control a couple of units. See the sort of stuff Mark often posts on his blog for what I mean. 🙂

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  6. I think it’s a little out of your area but the SELWG show is held in Oct at Crystal Palace each year and has a wide variety of demo games. The show is known for being more historic games in nature though. They had an epic Waterloo reenactment board the other year.
    And loving the moustaches on the figures. Quality stuff.

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    1. Cheers mate. Will check it out. I go up to London a few times a year for football so I’ll check out the fixtures, might be able to make it a double whammy! Someone told me Newbury has a decent show so might check that out and stay at my brothers.


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