Fantasy Island – Featuring Nienna a 28mm Reaper Elf Ranger (The July Challenge)

As this is my 100th post I wanted to post something a little different .  It is also my second contribution to the July challenge (a centre piece/something cCool).

What you have below are photos of the completed model.  Normally I would post construction photo’s before the end result but on this occasion I will publish In reverse order so in the coming weeks I will post details on how I made it.  Until then no more words just pictures.




38 thoughts on “Fantasy Island – Featuring Nienna a 28mm Reaper Elf Ranger (The July Challenge)

  1. WOW! Dave, amazing ,you certainly pushed the bar up higher on this one ,good decision to reverse the order ,it gave me the shock and awe feeling, look forward to seeing your method now I have recovered !

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  2. That’s pretty bloody amazing! I *think* I know how you achieved the waterfall, but I’ll wait and see. Well done!
    It’s also great to see how the change in genre is allowing you to stretch your creative wings and learn/try even more new techniques!

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  3. Cheers Pat, glad you like it. I wanted to do something a bit different and hopefully that’s something I’ve achieved. A brief departure into fantasy helps, you can make it up as you go along! Not sure I’ll be able to be this inspired very often though!

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  4. Cheers John. My original intention was to do progress posts firsts like I normally do with more time consuming models but then I just happened to see I was coming up for 100 posts and that then coincided with the July Challenge and it seemed like the right idea to reverse it. Needless to say since I did it I’ve thought of other ways I could have done things but more on that later.

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  5. Wow, that is incredible mate, really impressive. The wee elf is lovely, but the scenics are a whole other level. I think I know how you did it though… witchcraft!

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    1. Cheers mate. Doing something different is proving an enjoyable experience, certainly got a few more to do yet although not like this one. To answer your question, what to do with them is becoming a problem. Quite a few are dotted around the house in various places but I’m at the stage, have been for a while if I’m being honest, where I’m having to be box some up. It’s a shame but something I have to live with or give up the hobby which I have no intention of doing. One of the reasons I like the modelling club is I get to dig some of them out and take them to some shows.

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  6. That is really cool and very spectacular. I’ve got a good idea how I’d go about doing something like that so it will be interesting to see if my plan matches up with how you actually did it.



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  7. Just beautiful – the entire scene just is so damn good. The elf or the waterfall alone are jewels, truly impressive TIM. Congrats on post 100! I missed celebrating my century mark, maybe I’ll remember 200…

    Anyways, a few questions out of sheer curiosity. First, I notice a lot of your bases are nicely beveled wood. Is that common for your modeling hobby? If so, do you make your own and do you finish the wood?

    Second, how do you finish/varnish the project?

    Third, you must have amassed a huge number of dioramas by now. Do you have storage issues or do you just sell them. I’d imagine they’d fetch a good price, but tough to let go your creations at the same time.


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    1. Thank you Mark, glad you liked it. To answer your questions. As I don’t do gaming I like to set my figures and dioramas on a nice base whenever I can. The bases I’m buying at the moment all come from a guy who makes them and sells them on EBay. There solid oak, nicely finished and to my mind very reasonably priced. As for varnishing, sometimes I do, especially if it’s a single figure on a very small base but generally I don’t. Again because I’m not a gamer and because they are usually on a base I don’t typically need to man handle them. Also I usually finish in oil paints which provides a tougher finish too. As for storage it’s not an issue yet but it soon will become one! I haven’t really thought about selling but I wouldn’t object to doing so. Although I put my best into them all I do have my favourites. I’m not sure they would be worth a great deal but even if I could sell them my biggest concern would be them arriving in one piece at the other end!

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      1. Brilliant painting and truly a 100 post masterpiece. Great work!

        My brain was trying to wrap around the lighting on the model. Usually people just have the lighting coming from directly overhead, off to the side a bit, etc. But it looks to me like there is a good deal of light coming from the bottom? Perhaps reflecting off the water below? Curious if I’m getting that right or no.

        The waterfall effect is pretty nice, but my brain again worries about that floating chunk of rock and the stability of the piece. OK brain, off, just let the visual treats hit your eyes! 🙂

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      2. Glad you like it, a bit different this one. Not sure I’ll have anything quite so inspiring in my head again but you never know. Aiming to publish the “making of” at the weekend at which point all illusion will be shattered! As for the photos I used my light box but kept the flash on the camera too. I think the camera flash hit the most reflective area and hence the brighter parts at the bottom. Certainly not something which was deliberate that’s for sure!

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      3. Well it’s a cool effect regardless! This is the second time your camera/lighting has been adding something interesting to the work. There was also the shadow in that Frankenstein diorama. Pretty cool.

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  8. I can only agree with the other comments that it is an awesome show piece. I love the way the water sparkles in some of the shots. I also really like the plants growth around the rocks and I’ve said it before but I think your trees look bloody good. It’s just all kinds of good on every level!
    How heavy is the model? Is the base that length to give it stability? (Probably jumping the gun for one of your future posts).

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    1. Thank you, glad you like it. It is reasonably heavy but at the time I started it I had know idea so I had to hedge my bets and get a base of a certain size in case it toppled over! I might have been able to get something a little small as it turned out but you don’t know what you don’t know. Planning a “how it was made” post for the weekend, just need to get my act together and do it. Thanks again.

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