28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Wizard Domur High Mage

Work continues nicely on my WW2 Diorama – Operation Overlord but as anticipated there is significant down time as I wait to for things to dry before I can continue to the next stage.  This down time, which will be ongoing during the build, will enable me to complete some outstanding figures starting with the remaining Reaper figures that I have.  I think I have two to do after this one, although do have plans to buy more!

According to the Reaper site:

“This Reaper 25th Anniversary metal miniature is entitled Domur, High Mage. A special edition miniature, Domur, High Mage was released February 2017 and is a bearded wizard holding a spellbook”.

The Reaper site also said:

“Reaper 25th Anniversary miniatures are one offs, when they are sold out you’ll not get your hands on them again”.

So I bought one, painted it, based it and here it is!  I rather like the faces which appear in the green magic floating out from the book.

The book, table and candles were scratch built and I used a Greenstuff World rolling pin to produce the cobbled floor.  The table was made from a rustic piece of wood found in the garden for the leg and a button from She Who Must Be Obeyed’s sewing box for the table.  The book was just folded pieces of paper with a little bit of freehand script.  The candles were made using small cut off pieces of paint brush plastic tube protectors stuck to a circle of card made using a hole punch.  Twisted wire was then pushed through the circle of card and up through the plastic tube to create the wick and then the tube was filled with filler and left to dry before painting.

Photos below.





19 thoughts on “28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Wizard Domur High Mage

  1. Looks excellent. I like the balance you’ve struck between the bright colours and the grubby faded look of the overall piece. I enjoy the way wizards (by some unwritten rule) allow us to play with brighter and more unusual colour schemes, but he’s clearly been out adventuring long enough that the wizard-laundry is a distant memory, and the more natural and dirty elements earth him and tie it all together.

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    1. Thanks mate. Yes, it’s nice to have free range over the colour pallet and not have someone say that’s not the right shade or something similar. Might have gone a little overboard with the weathering but it’s nice to think that wizards get out and about from time to time! I’m sure he’ll get his laundry done when his wife gets back. 😉

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  2. Love ALL of the details. The faces, the book, the table, the candles are all extremely well done. The wizard then springs forth from the diorama in all his glory. It’s great to see you succeeding in this genre as well!

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  3. Likely the dumbest question you’ll get “What did you use for filler in the candles?”.

    I like the Wizard and your paints. Aside from the green smoke magic, it feels like a smaller and quieter scale than some of our other work. Probably just something I’m reading into it. I once again would have thought you bought the furniture parts, and it always amazes me how you’re able to cobble that stuff together. Great job, man!

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    1. Cheers. Yes I’ve been doing a few smaller things of late, mainly because I’ve enjoyed the Reaper figures. I also set myself the challenge of trying to make small bases interesting, some have worked better than others. To fill the candles I used Woodlamd Scenics water effects, basically it’s just like a plastic sealant.

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      1. Thanks for the note on the candle. I’ve been looking for an easy, quick gap filler, without having to mix up some milliput and/or green stuff. For small gaps, I just don’t feel like being bothered with mixing them up and then the cleanup afterwards.

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