Kelly’s Heroes – 28mm Artizan Figures (The October Challenge)

The Azazel challenge for October was to complete a unit of at least 3 figures and/or an Ork for Orktober.  As I typically do single figures, vignettes and dioramas unit challenges don’t naturally fit with what I do.  Having said that I love the challenges and whenever possible like the idea of contributing something.  With so much to do at the moment I limited my self to the unit challenge only, I’ll have a crack at an Ork some other time, might even call it IRO!

I didn’t really have any idea what to do for a unit but when I was searching the Artizan website for something else I discovered this 28mm three figure set representing the primary characters from the classic film Kelly’s Heroes.  So here we have Kelly, Big Joe and Oddball.  I’m not sure Kelly or Big Joe are great representations of the actual characters either in sculpting terms (like I have the right to be critical!) or in respect of my paint job but the sculpt of Oddball is excellent in my opinion and unmistakably “him”.

I suspect I am not alone in nominating Oddball as my favorite character from the film so for a little added nostalgia a few Oddball classics lines …

“A Sherman can give you a very nice… edge”

“Crazy… I mean like, so many positive waves… maybe we can’t lose, you’re on!

“I’m drinking wine and eating cheese, and catching some rays, you know”

“It’s a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers”

Images of the three figures below.





31 thoughts on “Kelly’s Heroes – 28mm Artizan Figures (The October Challenge)

    1. Thanks Pete. Tanks aren’t typically my thing but I might make an exception. I think Bolt Action do a Kelly’s Heroes set of Figures which includes a Sherman so maybe I’ll take a look at that in due course. There is certainly a diorama to be had that’s for sure.

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    1. Odball is the main man thats for sure, just watched some youtube clips, brilliant. Must sit down and watch the film in its entirety. As for the Sherman, if I ever do a tank it’s the only one I’d ever consider but for sure it’s got to have all the details.

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  1. Loved Oddball. I watched a Donald Sutherland and Keifer Sutherland movie today called “Foresaken”, a western but it was CRAP. Predictable and just boring. Anyway, love the minis mate you’ve done a top knotch job as always and YES paint an Ork. A 40k one not a fantasy one. Give him a big gun and a human head hanging from his neck like a medal. Do it! Dooooo iiiiiiit and of course name him after me yayyyyy!!!!

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      1. Westerns are a genre I like, particulalry for modelling, but as far as films go I’m open to watching most things. That said I have plenty of favourite Westerns but plenty of other films too. A good film is a good film. Funny you should mention the wild bunch. I have a set of four figures by Gringo40 of the four guys walking in a row together, a classic still from the film. They’re in my lead pile still to do, bought them over a year ago at least!

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  2. Excellent stuff, Dave, well done! And you can prise them off their bases and sneak them into corner of your D-Day diorama (don’t tell me you hadn’t thought of that)! Brilliant film, saw it twice as a nipper with my dad when it came out! I actually know someone who has NEVER seen that film!

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  3. Nice painting. I was wondering if you’d participate in this month’s challenge as it’s a bit outside your normal remit. I like the sculpt for Kelly the best, though I agree that Oddball has the closest resemblance to the actor.

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    1. Some of the challenges aren’t a natural fit for me given what I generally do but it’s nice to be involved and to occasionally do something a little different. This little community of ours has some talented people and the challenges have certainly opened my eyes to how diverse tbe hobby is.


  4. I’ve never seen the movie, but glad you were able to participate in the unit challenge for this month. As a unit, I think it’s a nice group of minis with some equally nice paints. They would probably benefit from one of those patented TIM dioramas, but it’s cool to see them just by themselves as well.

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    1. You need to see the movie! Ok it’s dated now but it’s still a classic. One day I think I’ll do a Sherman to go with the figures, would make for a nice scene I think. Yes I do enjoy the challenges and with so many figures out there it’s nice to do something nice and relatively simple once in a while.

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      1. I looked at some clips on YouTube of the movie, so I could figure out which one was Oddball. I like an idea of a tank to go along with the group. Oddball should have had a resting pose, that would have been great!

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  5. One of my favorite movies that I have not seen in a long time. The Oddball is as stated by many others a great representation. I really hope you do their Sherman and a diorama with the bank and the Tiger – THAT is worthy of ya TIM!

    Saw the movie at West Point at a theater night for classic movies run by my classmate Rod Lurie, who now actually is a director!

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    1. The Diorama idea is growing in my mind. It’s going to happen but it’s a little ways down the road as too many other projects on the go. As for the movie, it is a classic. Great link to your mate. I’ll share it with my son. He would love to be a screen writer so I’m sure he will be interested.


  6. Huh. I thought I replied to this post the other day when I was putting it into this month’s Roundup. (Trying to get some of it done early this time!)
    Apparently I either forgot to reply or just as likely I typed it in but then didn’t press send.
    Anyway you’ve done a great job on these and yes, Oddball is easily the best of this little bunch. I’d love to see what you could do with the rest of them using the Warlord set, and of course either or both of their tanks would fit in perfectly with November’s challenge as well.
    Then you could easily combine them all for.. I’m not sure whether it will be December or Jan you’re at the head but you get the idea…

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    1. The figures definately lend themselves to a Kelly’s Heroes diorama that’s for sure. I’ve added it to my to do list but whether it’s a realistic aim for November we’ll have to wait and see. I’m committed to a few things at the moment so something has to give, so many models, so little time! I need to work at your speed to have a fighting chance, that and stop adding to the to do list! 😉

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