28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Aravir, Elf Ranger

My intended post this weekend was a further update on my “Operation Overlord” diorama but progress was hampered by preparing for and going to the Telford IPMS show (where I am now!).  Fortunately I was able to finish the final Reaper figure I bought a while ago (I will be buying some more!) and arrange for this post to be scheduled for publishing.

So here we have Aravir an Elf Ranger.

I rather liked this little lady, she provided a nice lot of detail to paint.  Being an elf it seemed appropriate to go for fauna and flora base work.  I saw an image on-line of someone who had applied heavy make up to the eyes which I rather liked and thought it would be different so I gave it a go.  I also chose to go with metallic green for her armour, mixed using silver enamel with sap green oil paint and blended with a small amount of white spirit.

Images of the completed figure below.


DSC_0860DSC_0894 (1)DSC_0890 (1)DSC_0863DSC_0893 (1)DSC_0865DSC_0892 (1)

33 thoughts on “28mm Reaper Dark Heaven Legends Mini – Aravir, Elf Ranger

  1. Very nice naturalistic colour work with the greens and browns here, I like the warpaint especially – combined with the pupil-less eyes it creates a sense of unease around the model, rather than stereotypical nice, friendly wood elf.

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    1. Thanks mate, glad you’ve enjoyed the posts, I’ve certainly enjoyed these figures and my little trip into the world of fantasy. The good news is I have plenty more lined up, the bad news is I’ve got loads to do before I get around to doing them. Something I’ve made worse by buying far too much on day one of Telford!

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  2. Another great mini. You have the colours spot on and the bronze armour works really well. I have a 10mm elf army to paint up… pinching that idea. The eyes look awesome, but I think I may give it a miss at 10mm 😉

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  3. Sorry mate! but I for the first time I have a criticism ,not a big one ,and I will stand for correction on this from our fellow lads, but it is the colour of your rock ,here we call it blue stone (granite ). I would like to iron this one out before I start on the next venture which is the castle the girls gave me four years ago ( you talk about neglected things ,how bloody disgraceful am I . ) . I went the same colour you have chosen for you base rock on your minni but I feel it is to blue I used it on the above mentioned castle, packed it away and did other things . But on our Hedge /Castle trip I could not find even a hint of blue in any castles ,only greys ,motley browns and even some reddish colours as in the castles in Wales ( really grand ) so where do we stand . Any info on painting castles will be appreciated . Anyway I digress ,another good job mate ,and by the way ,how do you do the white flowers ? . Have a good remembrance day mate ! .We had dads regiments service at the Shrine of remembrance Melbourne today as the big one is tomorrow , we had a great turn out from young folk ,again it was very moving . Rgds to yourself and the family on this special day .”Lest we for get ” .

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    1. The rock itself Pat is a real granite chip but as is my way I paint everything rather than leave it natural. Colour wise the base coat was self mixed grey with a burnt umber dry brush followed by a white highlighting dry brush. The rock itself was very pitted and produced numerous natural shading and shadows which is all I can think of that may have added to the blueish tint. I wouldn’t call it natural, although some granite over here, particulalry Dartmoor where I live, does change colour significantly when wet. As for the model I rather liked the contrast that it provided and decided to stick with what I hoped was a nice bit of landscaping if not entirely accurate.

      I’ve never painted a castle or a castle wall but if I were going for maximum height scale walls the first thing I would determine is where the sun was shining. If it was shining directly on one wall then the colour would be I think quite a light grey with appropriate highlights, in contrast other walls would be a lot darker and especially so at the bottom with a lighter colour as you go up the wall and move out of the shade. Does this make sense?

      As for the white flowers, once upon a time I used to make my own but these days because they are so cheap I buy them on eBay. Basically they are static grass clumps with a coloured “leaf” material glued on top after being sprinkled on.

      Am at the Telford show for Remeberance tomorrow, should be quite a significant event Ì think. Lots of modelling displays highlighting the event on show.

      Likewise, best wishes to you and the women in you life.

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  4. Thanks Dave when you mentioned Dartmoor I commented about it to the group at lunch and what you said about the changing colours ,away they went photos were produced left right and centre ,no just on lap tops and computers not a Kodak shot to be seen .You are right mate some of their photos from Becky falls definitely showed a bluish tinged on the boulders in the stream, I wasn’t on a trip of learning back then ,all I recall is I learnt tree trunks were now child brown ,they were grey green ,not that any one here has noticed it here ,or maybe they are to polite .
    I was fortunate enough to me checking out the other IMP’s post and found an answer to a problem I had with the castle models the girls had given me in 2013 when I got back into modelling ,they had a lot of gaps in some of the sections , Viola !he mentioned a method he uses ,you would have seen it yourself , about bicarb and super glue ,it really worked a treat filling the gaps and I can only say how helpful you lads have been ,I’ve had a few compliments on the hedges Dave , so give yourself a pat on the back for introducing me to the string method mate . Tech adv has mentioned some paint product at the local hardware in regards to granite paint in a spray can so I’ll investigate and let you know .Thanks for the painting advice mate but as the above said as she left the room ” poor man he is so polite ,I just wish I could let him know he is wasting his time as father is so simple he couldn’t grasp the advice that anyone gives him ! .Ha Ha ! Great to have such a loving family eh cobber ! .

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  5. She is indeed haunting – makes you fear what she is up to. Aravir’s eyes make me want to do that as well sometime in the future (with a project, not my own peepers). The leather cape has a nice subtlety to it. As for the moss, how did you get it to stick up vertically so nicely?

    Well done Dave.

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    1. Haha, yea don’t do it with your own eyes Mark! As for the moss, its real moss which we have growing down here which has a little more strength to it than others. Dried, painted and a few strategically placed blobs of glue pretty much did the trick.

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  6. I don’t think she needs the swords. She could just put out a person’s soul with her eyes! I’ve wandered here from the WordPress reader after typing in the word “Elf” to see what I would get. A dismal lot overall! At least yours was the first one that wasn’t an “elf on the shelf” (I hate those things, not proper elves in my book, just more marketing garbage for the holidays.) Maybe I’ll wander by again sometime. 🙂

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    1. Nice that you stopped by and please do so again whenever the fancy takes you but I cannot promise you’ll always find an elf. 🙂 As you may have gathered I’m a model maker and figure painter and dabble in many genres including fantasy figures which brought you here. Good luck on you elf quest. 🙂

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