The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 35)

Welcome to this weeks Musings!


Making the right choice! 

As modellers we are used to making decisions when confronted with choices.  What colour scheme?  What to paint next?  What to buy next?  You get the idea.

Life however isn’t just about modelling and occasionally life throws us some tough choices which, like it or lump it, we have to make decisions on.  Some people bury there head in the sand, others take a lead role and others do as instructed by others.  One way or another we’ve all had to make difficult choices and they don’t get much tougher than this one.




Sticking with difficult choices …

This is, believe it or not, first and foremost a modelling blog but if you live in the UK it’s been pretty difficult to avoid the subject of Brexit just lately.  If you listen to either camp it would appear Armageddon is just around the corner.  Put simply we are heading for disaster and our media can’t get enough of it, or so it appears to me.  Now it won’t surprise you to know that I have a view on the subject.  Without getting to technical I would best describe the whole process, irrespective of which way anyone voted, as complete and utter bollocks.

There has been much talk about the impact on Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the customs union, defense and the free movement of people, etc, etc, and last week a 585 page document was published outlining the deal on the table.  Now I doubt many of you have taken the trouble to read this tome but I have and I was disturbed to learn that there is not a single mention about the implications for modellers and modelling!  The government claims to have the interest of everybody at the heart of what they do but clearly this is not the case.

Modellers have been totally overlooked and quite frankly that’s not good enough!


Politicians and Hobbits 

Continuing with the political theme and making choices …

I’m sorry to say that I wouldn’t trust a politician further than I could throw one.  This of course begs the question “what politicians, if any, can you trust?”.  Well, if we base our trust on the basis of how far a politician can be thrown then we can immediately rule out all the heavy ones.  With all the will in the world we ain’t about to pick those mothers up.  Any attempt to do so would almost certainly put our backs out.

I think it is also safe to rule out ethnic minority politicians and female politicians too.  In a world gone mad the risk of picking up a politician from either group would almost certainly result in claims of either racism, sexual harassment or both.  I think it is also reasonable to assume that attempting to throw a politician with a disability would be described as both inappropriate and insensitive regardless of how good the intention for doing so was.

Although by no means certain, by my reckoning the only politicians with the potential to be trusted based on how far they can be thrown are non disabled white male dwarfs.

Personally I think JRR Tolkein reached a similar conclusion.  It cannot be a coincidence that he trusted the Hobbits to go in search of the ring can it?


This week TIM has been listening to …

ZZ Top.

Hard to find fault with these guys in regard to their taste in cars and women.  Facial hair on the other hand …

Two of my favourites – “Gimme All Your Lovin'” and “Sharpe Dressed Man”.  Play LOUD!


This week TIM has been watching …

The Inbetweeners.

Not sure how available this series is across the globe but if you haven’t seen it, aren’t offend by foul language and are willing to reflect honestly on you own miss spent youth it’s almost impossible not to relate to these guys.  Watching the series from start to finish along with the two films for the umpteenth time and it gets better or worse every time.

Personally it feels like a biography as far as I am concerned.  Impossible to watch without fond memories, uncomfortable squirming and pissing myself with laughter.  Perhaps it’s just me!


Until next time.


25 thoughts on “The News at TIM – Mid Week Musings (No: 35)

  1. Love the Inbetweeners. From outside, my perspective may not be worth much (though I am a UK citizen not entitled to vote) but I would say one should almost certainly not attempt to throw a politician. There are few circumstances that would be helpful.

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  2. I’m having a day off today, entirely justifiable because it’s my wife’s birthday, but it has given me the chance to have a good chortle to myself while reading your blog during daylight for a change! Couldn’t disagree with any of it! Like both ZZ Top and the Inbetweeners!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Heavens Dave ,you had me there for a second nearly choked on my beer ,there I am scrolling down slowly chuckling away ,oh yeah Dave’s listening to ZZ top then a long pair of faultless ladies legs appear and the comment that you have been looking at the inbetweeners! ,strike me pink I thought ,what the !! SHMBO must be away again ,then thank the lord I spotted the DVD pack ,.Gosh mate be a bit more careful ,nearly gave this old boy a stroke ! , hang on maybe I should have said shock ! .

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  4. A good post my friend. I have thrown a politician actually. Admittedly it was when we were at school together and long before he became a local politician but I did actually throw him. It was to the ground because he’d verbally abused a girl who was in my group so completely justified haha. All I know about Brexit is that it sounds like a breakfast cereal AND if you seriously read a 585 document on it you are more Rock N Roll than I thought haha. I think modellers are the smallest minority in the world but I like it that way. I’ve been listening to Queen and a bit of Slipknot this week. I’ve seen the inbetweeners and it was pretty good BUT you need to watch Friday Night Dinners which has the same bespectacled chap in it. Brilliant!

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    1. Feel free to pop over to Blighty and throw a few more politicians when ever the mood grabs you. As ro whether I did or didn’t read the 585 pages I’m still rock n roll 😉. Don’t know slipknot will have to check them out. Friday Night Dinners is fun and I enjoyed that too, Fresh Meat was OK as well but the Inbetweeners I can really relate to, far to real for my liking! 😊

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  5. Well done on reading the whole document, important though it is for all of us I bet it was a right exercise in tedium! I heard Scotland doesn’t even merit a mention? I’d definitely take any of Tolkien’s characters over that shower we have in Westminster (even the Orcs would be a great improvement – at least they were competent!). I reckon when my grandchildren ask how the UK finally broke up and I try to explain some of this carry on they’re going to think I’ve become even more delusional than normal.
    Good choice of songs by the way; Sharp Dressed Man is just excellent.

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    1. If you suffer from insomnia then it’s a read I would recommend! The way things are looking at the moment it would appear nobody is happy with the draft Brexit plan, an outcome our politicians will describe no doubt as a win win. Getting to old to care these days but I fear for the generations to follow, globally not just within the UK. Will be interested to see in a good few years time what history makes of it all, just need to live long enough to find out.

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  6. If you make it to the mean streets of London sometime I’ll take you Rock & Roll grognard to a gig in Camden where people of all types throw each other around the mosh pit and then pick each other up again. It’s the spirit of Star Trek – Deep Space Nine but with better (aka louder) music.

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  7. A good post sir, As Sam Gamgee became mayor not once but twice then I reckon he would make a good politician…. pretty good with a frying pan to help solve those tricky political arguments….. Gimli has been thrown, so he would be a useful dwarf to throw as he meets all of you prerequisites…. just don’t tell the elf!

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